Analysis of the main points of jewelry packaging boxes by different audiences

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  • September 26, 2022

Most people like jewelry very much, because jewelry can not only dress up appearance, but its preciousness also symbolizes power and status. But how should merchants design when customizing jewelry boxes? How to make the jewelry box bring out the gorgeousness and luxury of jewelry! How do customize jewelry boxes for different groups of people?


custom Ladies' jewelry box


1. Ladies' jewelry box

Data shows that the vast majority of jewelry boxes on the market are designed for women because the main user group of jewelry has always been women. For packaging boxes, women prefer packaging boxes of various shapes and sizes compared to men, such as jewelry storage boxes, jewelry cabinets, special-shaped jewelry boxes, and other distinctive and beautiful packaging.

In addition, women's requirements for the appearance of jewelry boxes are also very high. Usually, women choose jewelry boxes based on their material and color. Therefore, jewelry boxes used by women, from soft flannel to high-grade PU leather, to environmentally friendly paper packaging, are almost available in the market. In terms of color, most women like bright colors, such as pink, red, purple, orange, etc.


custom Men's jewelry box


2. Men's jewelry box

If women are visual animals, men prefer textured jewelry boxes. Therefore, most men's jewelry boxes are usually made of wood and leather, and metal materials. Such materials will give the box a more manly and sturdy look. At the same time, it can also be distinguished from the lady's jewelry box. Secondly, the shape of men's jewelry boxes is often not very complicated, and most of them are rectangular.

As far as the layout of the men's jewelry box is concerned, the compartments in the jewelry box are relatively wide, because men care more about practicality than aesthetics.


cutsom Children's jewelry box


3. Children's jewelry box

Children's jewelry boxes also tend to be undersized, as children rarely have the opportunity to own large pieces of jewelry. Because children cannot manage their jewelry very well, most children's jewelry boxes are usually multifunctional. Usually have a box that can store rings, necklaces, headwear, bracelets, etc. at the same time.

In order to resonate with children, children's jewelry boxes are generally customized according to children's hobbies. The exterior color of the children's jewelry box is colorful. And most of them are music jewelry boxes, which will play some songs after opening, and even some merchants will design a statue of a ballerina in the box, and the figure can run to the rhythm of the music. All of these design elements make it fun for kids.


Through the above content sharing, you should have a preliminary understanding of jewelry boxes, right? Now the competition in the jewelry market is so fierce, only by customizing product packaging boxes for different groups of people can you gain a foothold in the market and improve your business value and brand status.

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