What are the requirements for jewelry box design and development?

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What are the design elements of jewelry packaging boxes?


In the process of creating a video, the designer deduces the information into various units of different areas, called visual elements, and arranges the elements to form meaningful video entries, which are placed on the carrier to achieve the function of information transmission. As the basic visual elements of visual communication, one point, line, surface, and body have various application methods in visual communication design. Dig and refine visual elements.


(1) Conceptual elements
The so-called conceptual elements refer to those humanistic concepts that consumers can perceive and arouse consumers' emotions towards products or brands. That is, the design positioning we mentioned earlier. When consumers buy real material products, they also expect to get a good spiritual feeling. At the beginning of the design, the designer must clarify the concept to be conveyed and pass it to the consumer through visual elements.


What are the requirements for jewelry box design and development?


(2) Visual elements
Conceptual elements are not reflected in the actual design, it would be meaningless. Conceptual elements are often embodied through visual elements. Visual elements include physical features, size, shape, and color of graphics.


(3) Relationship elements
How visual elements are organized and arranged on the screen is determined by relational elements. Including direction, position, space, the center of gravity, etc. i.e. creating an information layer through visual flow design.


(4) Practical elements
Practical elements refer to the elements expressed in the design to realize functions such as packaging storage and convenient opening. Practical elements should be designed and selected according to ergonomics and scientific principles. The most basic requirement is that when people experience one package, they can get a simple and comfortable feeling.


(5) Multiple design drafts
After clarifying the concept and extracting and developing a variety of available visual elements, the composition of the front surface of the product packaging or the main information layout (PDP) becomes the next object to be considered, preliminary creative ideas, logo design concepts, and The layout, etc. are sketched out in the form of sketches. For a concept, there will be multiple drafts. Although the fonts and various graphic elements do not have to be accurately displayed in the sketch, and the colors are only marked in the ext, the sketch helps to determine the specific visual communication method and facilitate the communication between designers. and communication with customers. When drawing sketches, you generally use pencils or pens to draw on paper. There is no need to make them on a computer. Computers often limit people's thinking because of the fixed means. Don't throw away good sketches. There are some design sketches you don't like that may inspire other members of the design team, or some of the visual elements can be used to develop other drafts. It is convenient for communication between designers and communication with customers.


Extraction and development of design elements of jewelry packaging boxes When drawing sketches, pencils or pens are generally used to sketch on paper, and there is no need to make them on a computer. Computers often limit people's thinking because of fixed means. Don't throw away good sketches. Some design sketches you don't like may inspire other members of the design team, or some of the visual elements can be used to develop other drafts.


What are the requirements for jewelry box design and development?

What are the requirements for jewelry box design?


Jewelry box design refers to the shape design of the container, the shape of the packaging container with beautiful appearance, and it is expressed in a visual form. . What we usually refer to as a tool that sets the purpose of use. Modeling design is the use of English learning materials or objects to be processed and assembled into special rules, made of stylish materials, occupying a certain space, and having practical value and aesthetic effect. create. The jewelry box design must meet the following conditions.


(1) Practical performance
The packaging container must have the practical value of protecting the commodity. This is the basic starting point for the jewelry box design. The packaging container of the commodity must use appropriate materials and shapes to achieve its protective function to prevent damage to the commodity caused by changes in natural conditions or human factors.


(2) Aesthetic performance
Jewelry box design also considers its aesthetics. In modern society, people are not only satisfied with the goods at a genuine price, but also hope to get some beautiful enjoyment from the goods and their packaging. A package with a beautiful shape and color can be pleasing to the eyes and feel good, and it may become a display in people's homes. Therefore, it is necessary to beautify the packaging shape and realize the commodity and psychological functions of the packaging, thereby proles of commodities. There are individual differences in aesthetic awareness and aesthetic experience. At the same time, aesthetic consciousness is also international, epochal, national, and social, and forms a complex with individuality. Therefore, the designer should try his best to make the packaging shape suitable for the beauty of the public and the beauty of the times, which is very important. The designer must be very clear that when each customer is shopping, the time spent on the product is only to not catch the customer's attention, and the customer will never stop unless it attracts people with the most attractive aesthetic feeling.


(3) Economic performance
Obtaining the best results with the lowest consumption is the criterion of all human activities, and the design of jewelry boxes is no exception, and this general economic law should also be followed. Due to the huge demand for packaging containers, more attention should be paid to the organic combination of practicality, aesthetics, and economy when designing packaging shapes. If too much emphasis is placed on practicality and aesthetics, it may be expensive and unacceptable. On the contrary, blindly emphasizing economical efficiency may produce disgusting packaging containers. Both extremes will make goods unsalable and cause economic losses. Economy, aesthetics, and practicality are both contradictory and unified. The correct approach should be to reduce the packaging cost as much as possible without compromising the beauty of the shape and the packaging function.


(4) Original performance
Jewelry box design, like any other design work, is creative labor that cannot be imitated blindly. Emphasizing creativity does not require the designer to create something completely different from the existing packaging for all commodity packaging. The packaging design of some famous brand traditional commodities is similar in structure but has originality in artistic conception and packaging modeling. , and is recognized by society, and still can be called good design. The originality of packaging design is not only for the artistry of packaging, it should be noted that originality can be reflected in many aspects such as practicality, economy, and aesthetics.

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