What is the quotation of jewelry box suppliers?

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  • September 22, 2022

In an increasingly competitive jewelry market, choosing a custom jewelry box is one of the effective ways to boost merchandise sales. When customizing a jewelry box, the supplier's quotation is the most concerning issue for the jeweler, but the jewelry supplier's quotation is also based on a variety of factors, involving the jewelry box's size, box type, material, workmanship, lining, The number of purchases and other factors. So many factors affect the quotation, how to understand it?


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1. The size of the jewelry box

When the jewelry box supplier calculates the price of the packaging box for the customer, it is necessary to accurately know the size of the jewelry packaging box. Because the size of the box determines the amount of material in the box. The clearer the sizing information, the faster you will receive quotes.


2. The box type of the jewelry box

Common packaging box types include heaven and earth cover boxes, drawer boxes, flip boxes, folding boxes, special-shaped boxes, and so on. Different box types have different production methods and processes, and the cost of packaging boxes that require manual assistance is higher than that of purely mechanically completed boxes. Therefore, when the jewelry packaging box supplier calculates the price, the box type is also one of the important factors.


3. The use of jewelry box materials

The selection of jewelry packaging boxes is an important element that affects its price. Commonly used packaging box materials are virgin paper, cardboard, kraft paper, art paper, tactile paper, gray board, white cardboard, corrugated, and so on. In addition to different materials will affect the overall price of the product packaging box, different gram weights of the same material will also affect the price.


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4. Jewelry box workmanship

In addition to the printing process, most jewelry boxes also add bronzing, UV printing, embossing, embossing, and other processes to their logos and illustrations. The area and quantity used in the process affect the overall price of the packaging box.


5. The lining of the jewelry box

Jewelry is a very valuable product and needs special "care" both during transport and storage. Most jewelry boxes are lined to prevent jewelry from scratching and moving inside the box. Depending on the type of jewelry, the choice of material for the lining is also different. The material of the lining is also one of the important elements that directly affect the price of the jewelry box.


6. Quantity of jewelry boxes purchased by jewelers

We all know that the greater the number of customizations, the more affordable the price. In addition to the greater the number, the packaging box supplier can make profits for the customer, there is another very important reason. In addition to the material cost and labor cost of the packaging box during production, such as the start-up cost, the mold opening cost of the packaging box lining, and the labor cost of the salesperson and the purchaser are all fixed. The greater the number of customizations, the cheaper the unit price of the box after these costs are evenly spread into the box.


When customizing jewelry boxes, the brand side will cooperate with professional jewelry box suppliers. In order to make the quotation of packaging box manufacturers more accurate, every detail needs to be confirmed before customizing the packaging box.

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