7 points to pay attention to in jewelry box design

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  • September 29, 2022

The role of the jewelry box is to protect the product and promote the brand. At the same time, it also needs to grasp the consumer psychology of customers. It is necessary to pay attention to both practicality and beauty and other details. Therefore, you need to be very careful when designing jewelry boxes. Here are 7 key points, hope to give you for your reference.


1. Practicality

This is also the most important point. No matter what kind of product, in the end, it must be the quality that can win customers' favor. When designing a jewelry box, the first thing to consider is how to better protect the product and prevent the item from being damaged or scratched, which is also the original intention of the designers.


7 points to pay attention to in jewelry box design


2. Aesthetics

The largest consumer group of jewelry is women, who are also the most sensitive to beauty. Designers need to fully consider how to make the packaging more innovative and more attractive to consumers from the shape, color, and text of the packaging.


3. Commercial

In addition to protecting the product, the packaging box has another function of brand promotion. Jewelry boxes are usually printed with exquisite logos and advertising slogans, which are all to allow customers to remember the brand.


4. Environmentally friendly

With the improvement of the quality of life, people have begun to pay attention to the importance of environmental protection. Today's jewelry packaging design has also begun to advocate green and renewable materials and use recycled natural materials.


5. Unity

Since it is to design a jewelry box, it must be designed in combination with the characteristics of jewelry, such as volume, shape, material, style, style, brand story, and other objective factors. In this way, the packaging designed according to the characteristics and personality of the product can better reflect unity and integrity.


6. Innovative

The design of jewelry boxes is mainly based on the market. After all, the purpose of packaging design is to attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct market research before designing. The packaging does not have to be maverick, the more exotic the better, it needs to conform to the aesthetics of consumers and create value for the product. The packaging design should be positioned reasonably and can absorb the latest creative design concepts obtained from the market, so as not to derail the market.


7. Functionality

The choice of packaging material is very important. The main function of packaging is to protect the product. The choice of material needs to take into account the shape, color, bearing capacity, and craftsmanship of the packaging. Everyone knows that jewelry is a relatively expensive commodity, and it is easy to scratch, so the functional requirements for packaging are relatively high.


Good packaging material and structure can greatly avoid physical and chemical damage to the goods. At the same time, because the jewelry is small in size and different in shape, the packaging design must meet the requirements for the storage, transportation, and carrying of the goods.

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