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How to get the gift box customization you want most?

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  • July 17, 2018

As we all know, in addition to basic packaging functions such as protecting goods, delivering product information, and selling goods, gift box customization can also improve product grade and added value. So how do we get the gift box customization we want?

The structure directly determines whether the gift box customization is strong and durable, as well as the manufacturing, processing and economic costs of gift box customization.

 The materials used in gift box customization include gray board, fiberboard, coated paper, etc. and other auxiliary materials. These materials have specific specifications, but each material has a quality difference, which must be based on the structure and size of gift box customization. Choice, otherwise if the material is used improperly, it will cause quality problems such as deformation of the gift box packaging. In serious cases, even the gift box packaging will be scrapped due to the inability to form.

Below, the author gives an example of the importance of the choice of gift box packaging materials.

custom gift  box factory

The package size is 120mm × 80mm × 30mm, so how to determine the materials used in gift box customization packaging?
The most taboo of the heaven and earth cover box is that the lid and the bottom of the box are recessed inward. Therefore, when selecting materials, attention should be paid to the stiffness of the materials used for the lid and the bottom of the box. Generally, the materials that can be selected include gray board and fiber board. However, the biggest disadvantage of fiberboard is that it is not environmentally friendly, and the material itself is heavy and brittle. It is not only difficult to open, but it is easily damaged in case of impact. In contrast, the gray board has better toughness, lighter weight and green environmental protection.
If there is no special environmental protection and odor requirements, in order to ensure that the overall appearance of the package does not deform, the material of the gift box customization box cover and the bottom of the box should be selected from fiberboard with a thickness of 2.8mm. Then the brand and quality of the fiberboard should be determined according to actual needs.
If the packaging is required to be as environmentally friendly as possible and has no odor, then only the grey board can be selected. Due to the large size of this gift box, the quality of the gray board is more important.
Currently, there are no specific standards and specifications for the selection and use of gift box customization packaging materials, which can only be adjusted according to actual conditions. Therefore, we only need to collect different specifications and box structure of different gift box customization according to customer requirements and daily practical experience, in order to rationalize the use of materials and produce products that satisfy customers.

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