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How to distinguish between gift packaging box and other types of boxes? (I)

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  • July 13, 2018

In the long history after the birth of the gift packaging box, many tributaries have evolved. Some gift packaging boxes have been made into soft boxes by some ordinary packaging factories; others have been made by gift packaging box manufacturers. The higher the hardcover box, which is used in some high-end commercial chains such as ordinary watches; some gift packaging boxes are made of gift packaging box packaging factory, which is used for wine and jewelry or some more necessary scenes. The chain of goods that are packaged; in any case, these are the evolution of a branch of the box, each of which contributes its value to the box.

What is the difference between the gift packaging box and the ordinary box and the soft box?
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1, gift packaging box constitutes the principle: the soft box is very obvious that he is a piece of paper through the process of the beer mouth so that he can fold and paste it, the shape of a box can be completed; and the ordinary box and gift The packaging box is not such a simple process, they all need to pass the process of wrapping the gray cardboard or other internal materials with double copper paper, a piece of paper is impossible to complete, so the soft box and the other two from the material and structure of the box Kinds of boxes can be distinguished at a glance.

2, gift packaging box box of paper materials: in most cases of soft box in order to save costs will only paste a layer of paper in the outer packaging, the inside of the box is basically not posted, so it leads to the outside but Inside, the soft gray paper that has been subjected to the beer mouth process is exposed, and it does not look so beautiful. The other two boxes generally have a structural form that is wrapped in a piece of paper in the outer layer. Cardboard (there is also a need for a business in order to save costs, like many shoe boxes are not inside the paper).
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3, the difference between the specifications and models: the general soft box is used to install small drugs or bottles, because the characteristics of the soft box is not so good, so it will not be used in the packaging of relatively high quality goods; There are products that can withstand high quality, so he can carry a wider range of categories; gift packaging box is due to the fineness of its grades, gift box packaging companies generally do not recommend merchants to carry high quality goods (unless quality Very large jewellery gold ornaments these expensive items).