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Why does a customised gift box cover the box?

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  • Jimmy at
  • June 28, 2018

Why are customised gift boxes generally covered by heaven and earth?

Do not know if you have not found, mobile phone boxes, moon cake boxes, etc. These customised gift boxes are mostly used for the world cover type box for more, which is why? The general gift box has book type boxes, drawer boxes, etc. so many types of boxes, why some boxes do not use other box type?
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First, the customised gift box process of the same size, in general, is a cheap gift box. Heaven and Earth cover gift box has only one cover, one cover, there is no other complicated structure, it is more convenient to open. This is also a cost factor that mobile phone manufacturers need to consider. Because the number of mobile phone boxes is very large, the difference between a box and a 1-2 yuan, on the whole, the cost is still very considerable.

Second, the production and production of the world's cover box is convenient, and it can be produced by the machine assembly line to meet the large-scale demand of the packaging box. Other types of boxes need to be hand-manufactured. This is unrealistic for millions of mobile phones and tens of millions of cases. The quality of hand-made products is also not consistent.

After reading, whether you have a certain understanding of the customised gift box process, customised gift box sometimes look not only gorgeous gift box, but to design according to their actual situation.