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The press pattern of customized jewelry packaging boxes?

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  • Jimmy at
  • July 05, 2018

The embossing process of customized jewelry packaging boxes is a common decorative packaging material processing technology. The pressing pattern is divided into flat embossing and roller embossing. The embossing process is a mold that uses embossed lines to deform a pressure-bearing material (PVC, aluminum, wood, paper, etc.) under certain pressure and temperature to form a certain pattern, thus customizing jewelry The art of processing the surface of packaging boxes.
customized jewelry packaging boxes
Paper embossed on the surface of customized jewelry packaging boxes generally uses more coated paper, because the surface of coated paper is better for printing, and other processes such as UV and bronzing can be done; and the toughness of coated paper is also better than other. To be better, there will be no paper fracturing. However, it should be noted that the coated paper is generally coated before the embossing, and it is not possible to cover the film, otherwise it is easy to appear white after embossing.

If the customized jewelry packaging boxes need to add other processes, it is usually embossed after the first embossing; in the case of finer grain, first embossing and then UV, if the grain is thicker, then UV and then embossing, otherwise UV is likely to appear intermittent. In the case, UV is not true.