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Details and trends of jewelry box packaging changes

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  • July 06, 2018
jewelry box packaging has become a huge selling point. The best jewelry box packaging not only can protect the company, but also reflect the image of your company.” The beautiful flowers need green leaf support, and the heroic heroes also want to Supporting angle. In addition to its exquisiteness and quality, jewelry also requires good display and jewelry box packaging.
Jewelry box packaging has evolved from simple standard boxes and bags to branded designs. Gradually become the focus of brand marketing and brand promotion, this author takes you to look at the development trend of jewelry box packaging in recent years.

1 multi-purpose box

Now more merchants prefer boxes that can adapt to a variety of jewelry styles to suit a variety of custom style jewelry placement.
. This demand represents the versatility of merchants, without having to carry many different jewelry box packaging or reordering them over and over again.

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2 different materials
Jewelers now use a variety of materials to make jewelry box packaging, metal materials are gradually emerging. Metallic embellishments give a luxurious look and can be matched to different colors as needed. Many big names have begun to use metal as the jewelry box packaging material as a trend is spreading. Today, metal is not only used as a jewelry box packaging material, but also popular as a material for jewelry display.
3 more colors

Currently not only neutral or soft colors, more jewellery brands are using bolder, more vibrant colors. Some of the jewelry box packaging designs will be similar to the brand's adoption. This way, when customers see it, they will remember the brand stimulating their purchase.
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4 use jewelry box packaging to create a complete experience
Whether it is a retail brand or a franchise brand, the use of jewelry box packaging for brand marketing, to create a unified overall experience for customers, designed to make it more difficult for customers to forget their brand. In fact, how to enter the brand into the minds of customers, not what happens overnight will be a long-term project, ensuring that the brand features can be integrated into the various places in the store to inject the brand culture in the small places of the sales. As an important part of jewelry box packaging, the use of color, materials and distinctive design can further improve the user experience and deepen the brand impression to enhance user brand awareness.

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