4 Elements of Custom Jewelry Boxes

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  • October 22, 2022

Jewelry is a relatively expensive decoration, and most people care about the design and texture of jewelry. At the same time, the box in which the jewelry is packaged is also very important. A good horse has a good saddle. When you spend a lot of money on jewelry, you definitely want to match it with a delicate jewelry box. So major jewelry brands have custom jewelry boxes to make their jewelry look more upscale. So, what elements should we pay attention to when customizing jewelry boxes?


1. Multifunctional jewelry box customization

Compared with single-function jewelry boxes, more merchants are turning to package boxes suitable for multiple types of jewelry, or jewelry box sets, which makes merchants' products more diverse, which means that they do not need to customize too many styles of packaging. box


4 Elements of Custom Jewelry Boxes


2. A textured jewelry box

More and more customers want their jewelry boxes to incorporate various materials, especially velvet. The velvet trend seems to have moved beyond traditional packaging and jewelry displays. Many international brands are now using velvet displays, and this trend is slowly spreading.


3. Color Consistency of Jewelry Boxes

One of the most obvious trends is the colors that merchants or brands use on their jewelry packaging. It’s not just about choosing neutral or pastel shades, it’s about color box consistency; customers are now leaning toward brighter colors for packaging. But if the color associated with the brand, such as the company logo, is dark, the box's color will also tend to be dark. Brands are using their packaging colors to brand their brands. When customers see it, they can immediately associate the brand of the product.


4. Careful design to attract customers to buy

Customized jewelry boxes are inseparable from the appearance design. Only carefully designed and experienced designers can design jewelry boxes that are eye-catching. Usually, high-value products tend to impress people, and the same beautiful packaging can also arouse people's desire to buy. If customers buy beautifully packaged goods, they are more likely to save them. This also has Helped strengthen customer repurchases. So jewelry box design has always been a key component of packaging.


Jewelry boxes are often the image of the brand. Jewelry boxes full of texture and unique design must be very eye-catching. A good box can play a protective role in jewelry and reflect your company's brand image. Boyang is a factory specializing in customized jewelry boxes and jewelry bags. We have more than 20 years of rich experience and have cooperated with customers in more than 200 countries around the world. If you need customized jewelry boxes or jewelry bags, please contact us, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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