Material selection skills for luxury jewelry packaging boxes

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  • October 19, 2022

Jewelry is one of the important decorations. Whether it is precious jewelry or ordinary jewelry, it can be seen everywhere. There are also many major jewelry brands. For luxury jewelry, what packaging box should they use? Here, we will share material selection tips for luxury jewelry packaging boxes.


In order to bring a better experience to users, while we are pursuing the quality and design of jewelry, the requirements for jewelry packaging boxes and bags are also getting higher and higher. How to choose the material for a luxury jewelry packaging box?


Material selection skills for luxury jewelry packaging boxes

1. Box embryo: protect the jewelry from being crushed by an external force.

(1) Paper blank of about 2mm: gray board paper is a very environmentally friendly board. It is produced from recyclable waste paper. The production cost is very low, but it needs to be protected from moisture;

(2) Plastic embryo: The main component of plastic is polymer synthetic resin. The advantage is that the appearance is plastic and the pressure resistance is strong. The disadvantage is that it is not environmentally friendly enough;

(3) Wood embryo: As the name suggests, its main components are logs or some synthetic wood. The advantage is that it has great plasticity and can be directly carved on the surface of the box. It is also a good choice for an art display. The disadvantage is that the price is high and not enough light.


2. Lining: protect the jewelry from scratches and bumps.

Jewelry box lining generally chooses cushioned and soft materials, such as a sponge, EVA, corrugated paper, plastic, and so on. Soft fabrics are usually mounted on the lining, such as silk, flannel, and satin. This not only protects the jewelry from damage but also cleans the surface of the jewelry.


3. External framing: customer visual needs, tactile needs

(1) Linen: Linen is a kind of fabric made from jute, flax, and other hemp plants. Its advantages are heat absorption, environmental protection, and bacteriostasis. It is a good choice for imitating retro, but its disadvantage is that it has a rough appearance.

(2) Flannel: Flannel is generally a fluffy cotton fabric after brushing. Jewelry boxes usually use velvet, flocking, suede, etc. Its advantages are strong three-dimensional sense, soft and comfortable to touch;

(3) Paper: Paper is mainly made of plant fibers. Jewelry boxes usually use art paper, pearl paper, pure paper, coated paper, etc.;

(4) Artificial leather: Artificial leather is made of synthetic resin and various plastics. The feel and appearance are very similar to leather. PU and PVC are the two most commonly used jewelry boxes. The advantages are soft and wear-resistant;

(5) Leather: Leather is made from animal skins.


A good jewelry box can not only have a beautiful appearance but also increase the practicability of the box so that the role of the jewelry box can be maximized, especially the luxury jewelry box should have a different temperament.

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