What are the design and function of a necklace jewelry box?

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  • July 08, 2022

Necklaces are one of the most important accessories for women. Wearing a necklace that matches the outfit can enhance the temperament of the whole person. Necklace jewelry box designs are generally simple and elegant in appearance, delicate and delicate. Custom necklace jewelry boxes also require many aspects of understanding and preparation in order to make a box that meets your expectations.


What are the design and function of a necklace jewelry box?


Necklace jewelry box design can start from the following aspects


1. Box type of necklace jewelry box

The box shape of most necklace boxes is rectangular, and there are individual shapes that are larger in size. At present, most of the necklace jewelry boxes on the market choose rubber embryos as the bottom embryos. There are also a small number of wood embryos, which are generally used for jewelry necklaces with higher value because the cost of choosing wood embryos is relatively high. There are many materials that can be attached to the appearance of the rubber embryo, and the overall pattern and texture design are also diverse. When many people choose wood embryos, they will choose to do spray paint, and then need to polish, so that the texture presented by the box will be more advanced.


2. Design of the pattern

Generally, large company brand owners have their own design teams to design and then provide relevant design documents. Of course, there are also many customers who have not designed samples and need to redesign, so they need to provide relevant materials. Take it to the necklace box maker for a redesign. It is necessary to first understand the size of the box, combine the materials and ideas given by the customer, and let the designer design according to their own ideas. Finally, a rendering will be given to the client.


3. Material selection

The materials of necklace jewelry boxes are generally divided into three categories: paper, leather, and cloth. Paper can be divided into leather-filled paper, pearl paper, writing paper, and other special paper, leather: PU leather, genuine leather, etc. The fabrics are hemp, cotton, etc., patterns can be printed on the relevant fabrics, and other process adjustments can be made. Generally speaking, the more delicate and complex the pattern, the better the hand feel, and the more complicated the craftsmanship required. Sometimes to print a pattern, several processes can be used. Requires a skilled master to present better results


Necklace jewelry box design can start from the following aspects


What are the functions of a necklace jewelry box?


Delicate necklace jewelry boxes are no longer simply boxes for storing and protecting necklaces, but highlight a very important part of the appearance of necklaces. Without a suitable necklace jewelry box as an ornament, the necklace will be slightly thin and lacking in beauty, just like flowers without green leaves lack harmony.


The necklace jewelry box is also the cultural representative of the enterprise or brand. Although necklaces are also cultural representatives, and even contain different story emotions, with the matching of necklaces and jewelry boxes, the story becomes more complete and touching. Also richer. That's why every necklace, especially the big brands, comes with a different necklace jewelry box.


The matching of necklace jewelry boxes can also promote sales. If you need to buy a necklace as a gift, I believe everyone will buy it with exquisite accessories, and there is a textured necklace jewelry box to buy, which also saves some packaging costs.


The basic function of a necklace jewelry box is storage. For example, some niche or unknown necklace brands may not especially match different necklace jewelry boxes. We can take full advantage of this box for many small accessories. But not suitable for multiple necklaces, otherwise the chains may get tangled and it will be troublesome to untie.


The exquisite necklace jewelry box can also be one of many necklaces, which can quickly catch the attention of customers, attract customers to understand this necklace and try it on, and also arouse customers' desire to buy, and now because of the beautifully packaged products There are also many customers, so many brand companies also pay great attention to the design of necklace jewelry boxes.

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