What factors affect the cost of custom jewelry boxes?

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  • July 12, 2022

Custom jewelry boxes have become a must-do for major jewelry brands. The customized jewelry packaging box must conform to the jewelry taste, reflect the temperament of the brand jewelry, and be consistent with the concept conveyed by the jewelry carried. Jewelry packaging box design should keep up with the trend of the times, meet the spiritual needs of customers, and give people a sense of beauty.


About Jewelry Packaging Box Design


1. Jewelry packaging box design needs to pay attention to several aspects

Jewelry packaging box design mainly chooses a color, material, pattern, style, etc. for careful design, and every detail can reflect the designer's intentions. Jewelry is a valuable commodity that is expensive and requires careful packaging design. There are two types of jewelry packaging box designs: jewelry packaging box and outer packaging. In addition to the exquisite packaging, the jewelry packaging box pays more attention to anti-drop, waterproof, anti-collision, etc., and the outer packaging also needs to use the same packaging shape as the jewelry box inside and must be marked with the company's logo, and the color difference must not be used. two kinds of packaging, otherwise it will only make people stand out. Therefore, in the design of jewelry packaging boxes, designers also need to carefully design and use time and research to create the most distinctive cultural packaging that is more attractive.


What factors affect the cost of custom jewelry boxes?


2. Jewelry box design also contains culture and emotion

With the expansion of the jewelry industry, the expansion of the market, and the expansion of the flow of people, today's jewelry packaging box design is also market-oriented and cannot be subjectively based on individuals, so today's jewelry packaging box design also presents a diversified trend. The age group is also an important factor to consider. The packaging style must be in line with the age, level, and aesthetic taste of the target group in order to resonate. The market value of jewelry packaging box design is also latent.


3. The market value of jewelry packaging box design

The design of the jewelry packaging box reflects many aspects. It brings many functions, which not only meet the needs of customers but also bring a good image to the brand enterprise, thus promoting the development of the company. The jewelry industry is also constantly developing new designs to bring satisfactory services to the public.


How many factors does the cost of custom jewelry boxes depend on?


1. Jewelry box size

Jewelry box manufacturers need to know exactly the size of the product box when calculating the box price for their customers. Because the size of the box determines the amount of material in the box. The clearer the size information, the faster you will receive a quote.


2. Jewelry box type

The types of jewelry boxes include heaven and earth cover boxes, drawer boxes, flip boxes, folding boxes, special-shaped boxes, etc. Different box types have different production methods and processes. For the types of jewelry boxes that need to be handcrafted, the cost is higher than for purely mechanically finished boxes. Therefore, when the jewelry box supplier calculates the price, the box type is also one of the important factors.


How many factors does the cost of custom jewelry boxes depend on?


3. Selection of Jewelry Box Materials

Commonly used jewelry box materials are pure pulp paper, cardboard, kraft paper, coated paper, tactile paper, gray board, white cardboard, corrugated paper, etc. In addition to the different materials that will affect the overall price of the jewelry box, the different weights of the same material will also affect the price.


4. Jewelry box production process

In addition to the printing process, most jewelry boxes also add bronzing, UV printing, embossing, embossing, and other processes to their logos and illustrations. The area and quantity of craftsmanship used to affect the overall price of the jewelry box.


5. Custom Jewelry Box quantity

Obviously, the greater the number of customizations, the cheaper the price. In addition to the material cost and labor cost of the jewelry box, such as the start-up cost, the mold opening cost of the box lining, and the labor cost of the sales and purchasing staff are all fixed. The more customizations, the cheaper the unit price of the box after these costs are evenly divided into the box.


If you need a custom jewelry box, it is recommended to cooperate with a professional jewelry box manufacturer. Before customizing the box, you need to confirm the size, box type, material, craftsmanship, quantity, etc., so that we can quote you faster.

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