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Do you know the four factors that affect the price of gift packaging box?

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  • July 11, 2018

Want to customize a batch of gift boxes? But I don’t know the price, I don’t know how to make a budget, I don’t know if I should bargain! In general, the price of the custom gift packaging box factory to the customer is uniformly calculated by the sales department. The price of the gift packaging box factory consists of raw material cost, labor cost, die cutter, magnet, flannel, lining, glue and other auxiliary materials, and the company's reasonable profit.

Of course, the raw materials for the customers are medium and above, taking into account the requirements of the production process. The price is too high, and it is easy for the customer to accept it; the price is too low, the factory has no profit, and cannot survive. Before we deal with customers, we usually quote first. Customers are often sensitive to prices. Our factory only advocates reasonable corporate profits. I am talking about the four factors that affect the price of gift packaging box:

gift packaging box wholesale

1,Raw material

The material of the gift box directly affects the price of the gift packaging box, and the price of the good material is high.

2, artificial
Gift packaging boxes are generally hand-made, and labor costs account for a large piece. The structure of the gift packaging box determines the cost of labor. The more complicated the structure, the more labor is required, correspondingly

The higher the cost.

3, the number

Due to the operating costs of the factory and the die, the number of custom gift packaging boxes is higher and the cost is lower.

4, production process
The surface of the gift packaging box can be used to make many processes, such as bronzing (silver), silk screen (UV), embossing (bumping), laser engraving, etc., and the cost of various processes is different.

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