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How to solve the custom jewelry gift box over-packaging?

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  • July 11, 2018

Many people don't know the meaning of over-packaging of custom jewelry gift box. Over-packaging means that the packaging uses too much material, the packaging component is too heavy, the packaging volume is too large, and the packaging cost is too high. The decoration of the packaging is too gorgeous and so much exaggerated packaging.
custom jewelry gift box
At present, in many countries, the problem of over-packaging of custom jewelry gift boxes is now quite serious. In addition to food packaging, the packaging of tea, wine, cosmetics, etc. is very luxurious and unnecessary. The problem of over-packaging of custom jewelry gift box is: a series of environmental problems such as rising costs, more burden on consumers, increased packaging waste, and waste of resources. One-third of the municipal waste in China is packaged garbage, and more than half of these packaging wastes are caused by over-packaging of gift boxes. China has become the most serious country in the world of custom jewelry gift box over-packaging, the annual value of packaging garbage is more than 100 billion yuan.

Boyang Packaging believes that this is also the responsibility of our packaging manufacturers. We must instill a sense of thrift in our customers, and at the same time improve the design ability of our custom jewelry gift box, and design more simple but high-end custom jewelry gift boxes to customers. For example, the current mobile phone box is doing very well in this regard, the space inside the custom jewelry gift box is very efficient, and a small box is filled with various accessories of the mobile phone. The mobile phone packaging box does not pursue big, but the bigger the more the more the brand's strength is not reflected. As a manufacturer of custom jewelry gift box, this idea should be implemented in various gift boxes.

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