4 Points to Accept Samples of Jewelry Packaging Boxes

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  • October 06, 2022

Many friends have just stepped into the jewelry field and don’t know much about jewelry packaging. If they place an order with a jewelry packaging box manufacturer and receive a sample from the manufacturer, how should they check and accept it? Here, we share 4 key points to help you check and accept many aspects.


4 Points to Accept Samples of Jewelry Packaging Boxes


1. Check the mounted paper

Jewelry boxes are generally paper boxes, gray boards, or whiteboards with art paper. There is generally no problem in the middle of the jewelry box, the key is to look at the corners. If the edges and corners of the mounted paper are warped, look carefully, there is a little bit of degumming, and a large part may pop up at any time. This situation indicates that there is too little glue, and there is a situation that there is too much glue, and bubbling occurs at the edges and corners. Both warping and bubbling are common.


2. Check the printing

The surface of some coated paper jewelry boxes is generally offset printed. Here, it mainly depends on whether the printing color is consistent with the required color, whether the ink layer is thick, firm, and delicate, and whether there is uneven printing.


3. Check the Neto

The inner support is an integral part of the jewelry packaging box, the inner support can protect the safety of the jewelry in transit, and ensure that the jewelry can be neatly placed in it. There are two main aspects to checking the inner support. The surface of the jewelry's inner support is usually treated with a layer of flocking. First, check whether there are scratches and obvious stains on the surface of the inner support. Pre-determined cardboard, will not encounter bad merchants replacing whiteboards with gray boards.


4 Points to Accept Samples of Jewelry Packaging Boxes


4. Check to bronze

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and bronzing is to the packaging box as the eyes are to the whole person. The success or failure of bronzing is related to the grade of the entire packaging box, and there is no room for sloppiness. So what kind of bronzing is qualified bronzing? Hot stamping is the process of heating a metal printing plate, applying foil, and embossing golden text or patterns on the packaging box. The surface of the pattern or text has a sparkling metallic feel, but the poor-quality hot stamping process will appear hot stamping patterns or fonts. Peeling, or bronzing "fogging", etc. These problems must be reported in a timely manner.


Jewelry merchants often simply "go through" the samples without checking them carefully. In fact, looking at the samples requires the most effort. If you find that there are problems with the samples, you can find the manufacturer to discuss or discuss them, correct some problems in time, and save unnecessary losses, because once a large product is made, if you find problems again, you will suffer losses.

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