How to choose and design a jewelry box?

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  • July 20, 2022

The use of jewelry boxes can be seen everywhere in life, especially in jewelry stores, where beautiful jewelry boxes and jewelry are put together, which is particularly attractive. In the dazzling jewelry market, unique jewelry packaging is one of the reasons that attract consumers to buy products. The jewelry box will play a role in assisting your sales performance.

How do we choose jewelry packaging boxes?

Jewelry packaging boxes should be sophisticated and elegant enough to attract the attention of consumers. No matter what kind of jewelry packaging box, it must meet the aesthetic vision of modern people. Therefore, when choosing a jewelry box, you should consider that you will face it every day, so its appearance must conform to your own mind and aesthetics.
The jewelry box also has the function of protecting the jewelry. In the final analysis, a jewelry box is also a packaging box.

The biggest feature of the packaging box is to protect the products inside the box. Therefore, when choosing a packaging box, we must pay attention to the material of the jewelry packaging box to see if the material is suitable for protecting our jewelry. If it could, it would be on our pick list.

Finally, we must pay attention to energy saving, environmental protection, and space-saving. Because many people's storage space is limited, we should choose this space-saving method when choosing jewelry boxes.


How to choose and design a jewelry box?


What should I pay attention to when designing a jewelry box?

A successful jewelry packaging box not only needs to attract consumers through various factors such as color, pattern, and material but also requires consumers to understand the product more accurately through the outer packaging.

1. Pay attention to size requirements

The shape of the jewelry packaging box is the overall three-dimensional appearance. In the modeling design, not only the aesthetics but also the molding process should be considered.

Considering the convenience of transportation, most jewelry packaging boxes are designed to be rectangular. Dimensional design is very important for packaging containers, which directly affects the safety of products. For fragile and pressure-resistant products, packaging materials and structures with better pressure resistance should be used, or lining structures should be installed to ensure product integrity.

2. Cultural awareness training

As more and more consumers pay attention to product brands, more and more designers introduce cultural awareness into their designs, taking cultural awareness as an important factor in the design of jewelry packaging boxes. We can use it as the basis for brand culture construction, combine brand culture with employee concepts, connect relevant elements, make them as relevant as possible, cause greater resonance, better develop creativity, and make it play in design effect.

3. The choice of color

The choice of packaging color is very important. It is the most expressive of many design elements because people's brains can associate the corresponding product characteristics through color changes. If we see a certain color, the brain will automatically respond to the corresponding meaning, connotation, etc., and generate many associations, which are the so-called "color associations".

We have seen all kinds of jewelry packaging boxes in shopping malls, all carefully designed by designers. These jewelry boxes are infused with the designer's blood and soul, full of cultural attributes and brand awareness. Exquisite packaging can meet people's aesthetic needs and purchase desires.

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