5 Tips for Brand Jewelry Box Design

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  • July 26, 2022

Jewelers of various brands will choose to custom design their own jewelry packaging boxes. Some jewelry brand manufacturers have found a fixed jewelry box design manufacturer, and some jewelry brand manufacturers have not yet established a fixed jewelry box design manufacturer. If you want to design a Jewelry box, but haven't found a jewelry box manufacturer, it doesn't matter, you can first understand the skills of the jewelry box design, and then look for a jewelry box manufacturer. The brand jewelry box pays great attention to the appearance design and material selection. Only in this way can the overall benefit be more prominent and the best effect manifested. If the jewelry box is not beautiful enough, the reduction in the quality of the product itself will definitely outweigh the gain. Therefore, the production of the jewelry box must have a better grasp of the design and leave a deep impression on customers, which mainly depends on the design elements of the brand gift box.


What are the 5 tips for branded jewelry box design?


1. Material selection of brand jewelry box

The correctness of the material selection directly affects the competitiveness of the product, so the first part is very important;

2. Color selection of brand jewelry box

It is important that the color of the design and the color of the product are best coordinated. This is what stimulates consumer spending. A good color combination highlights the product's characteristics and brings strong appeal to customers. ;

3. Shape design of brand jewelry box

It is very important to design the shape of the packaging according to the physical characteristics of the product, and also consider factors such as transportation and display;

4. Pattern design of brand jewelry box

This is the core element to leaving a product impression on users, and it is also the main element to test designers. It is indispensable and very crucial;

5. Box label description

This part of the content allows us to have a particular understanding of the product, including the brand, production date, shelf life, use, etc.;


5 Tips for Brand Jewelry Box Design


What are the materials of the brand jewelry box?


1. White cardboard

White cardboard can be used not only for ordinary printing but also for reverse UV printing, with higher color reproduction. The corresponding process can be oil, glue, and other processes to ensure that the color will not fade. If you want to make it more beautiful and artistic.

When designing, you can do artistic sense, print colorful colors, large-area bronzing, screen UV to brighten parts, etc.

2. Gold and silver cardboard

Gold and silver cardboard are very different from white cardboard. 1. Gold cardboard, gold cardboard is golden on the front and white on the reverse. The color of each batch is different, so when using it as a jewelry box, you need to check the color with paper first. Silver cardstock is the same as gold cardstock, except that the front is silver. Silver cardboard is a perfect match for reverse UV printing. Where bronzing is required on white cardboard, silver cardboard can be directly printed to produce a metallic effect. However, the same color is printed differently on white card stock and silver card stock, so be sure to proof before doing it.


3. Kraft paper itself is divided into white cattle and yellow cattle. The whiteness of a white cow is whiter than that of white cardboard, and it does not need to be glued or oiled to prevent fading, so many transparent small jewelry packaging boxes are made of a white cow. The cow is more suitable for retro cosmetic packaging boxes, and there are many types of kraft paper, and the color of each type and batch of kraft paper is different. If the company has special requirements for paper color, try to avoid using kraft paper.


4. There are many types of other special test papers, you can find the test papers by yourself according to your needs. For example, some paper has a special texture, some paper is very high-end and eye-catching, and there are many other special effects.

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