6 aspects to pay attention to when customizing high-end jewelry packaging boxes

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  • July 30, 2022

Jewelry boxes can make the brand stand out and protect the jewelry. High-end jewelry packaging boxes can be used to display the brand and provide more information about the product, providing customers with a good brand experience when shopping. According to the different target customer groups, the brand can customize the jewelry packaging box that meets the customer's aesthetics according to the preferences of the target customers to attract their attention. Before customizing high-end jewelry packaging boxes, we need to pay attention to 6 aspects.


1. Jewelry box size

The size of the box determines the safety and cost of a high-end jewelry box. The size of the packaging box should be determined according to the size of the product. For a combined gift box of multiple commodities, the commodities should be sorted firstly, then the size of the lining should be determined, and finally, the size of the packaging box should be determined. The size of the packaging box should not be too large or too small. On the one hand, if the packaging box is too large, it may cause the product to shake and cause damage to the product, and on the other hand, it will increase the material cost and transportation cost of the jewelry packaging box. Conversely, if the box is too small, the product cannot be wrapped well.


customizing high-end jewelry packaging boxes


2. The protection of high-end jewelry boxes

For valuables such as luxury goods, special attention is required, both during product storage and during transportation, so that the product can be delivered smoothly to the customer. In addition to the need to prevent damage caused by squeezing, shaking, etc., the moisture-proof and waterproof properties of the packaging box should also be considered. The overall waterproof and moisture-proof effect can be improved by coating the packaging box. For some special products, the brand side can also put some desiccant when packing the products.


3. Packaging structure of high-end jewelry box

The structure of the packaging box determines the opening method and safety of the high-end jewelry packaging box. For example, the flip-top box is the easiest to open and close, and the heaven and earth cover box has the best safety, but neither the heaven and earth cover box nor the flip-top box can save the transportation space like the folding box. When choosing the structure of a high-end jewelry packaging box, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the characteristics of the product before making the selection.


4. The weight of the jewelry box

The weight of a high-end jewelry box is closely related to the shipping cost of the product. Generally, the cardboard of the packaging carton in the market will be lighter than the grayboard paper, but the resistance pressure of the cardboard is far less than that of the grayboard paper. When choosing the material of the packaging box, it is necessary to make the choice based on the actual situation of the product.


customizing high-end jewelry packaging boxes


5. The appearance of the high-end jewelry packaging box

If the box is not attractive enough, customers will not pay attention to your product, let alone buy it. Whether it is to highlight the key information of the brand and the product through the classic minimalist design or to guide customers to pay attention to the product through the eye-catching graphic design is a very good choice.


6. The material of the jewelry box

There are many materials for packaging cartons, and the hardness and aesthetics of different packaging materials are also different. For example, white cardboard can be directly made into cartons after printing, die-cutting, folding and other processes, while gray cardboard is not as good in appearance. White cardboard is beautiful and inconvenient for printing, so you need to paste a layer of beautiful material on the gray board paper, such as art paper, coated paper, kraft paper, pearl paper, and so on.

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