How do making jewelry packaging boxes improve product sales?

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  • August 04, 2022

According to market data, when 90% of consumers buy products, the visual factor in the packaging box design determines whether they will pick up the product and understand its product information, especially the precious commodity such as jewelry. To stand out, whether the material of the jewelry packaging box is of high quality will greatly affect consumers' purchasing decisions. That is to say, there is a chance to increase product sales only if it appeals to potential users visually and textured.


We need to know how to define a good jewelry box design.


Whether you're designing a box for a new product or updating an existing one. We need to ensure that when the product is placed in the display case, the gift box not only attracts the attention of potential customers but also transmits the information of the product to the user and acts as a salesperson.


The purpose of all excellent jewelry packaging boxes is to better serve customers. Consumers should always be put first in the design and production of jewelry boxes. During the design process, we also need to consider:


How do making jewelry packaging boxes improve product sales?


1. Buyer persona

Who are your target users? What are their preferences and characteristics? What level of consumer groups do they belong to, low-end, mid-end, or high-end consumer groups?


2. Policy Requirements

The environmental protection policy determines that when we design the jewelry packaging box, the selected materials must not affect the environmental protection. In addition, attention should also be paid to the porosity of the packaging box, the number of layers, and the cost requirements.


3. Market competition

How does your jewelry stand out from the competition? Do you start thinking about how to attract customers to buy from the jewelry box?


4. Jewelry packaging process selection

How to choose the process used in jewelry packaging, such as printing, bronzing, embossing, lamination, etc.?


5. Box language

How many languages ​​need to be printed on the jewelry box? This is determined by the geographical distribution of your potential customers.


6. Marketing Content

Are social accounts, URLs, advertising campaigns, and other marketing content added to the jewelry box? This depends on whether you value marketing, especially internet marketing.


How do making jewelry packaging boxes improve product sales?


Suppose your current product packaging supplier considers these factors when designing or producing product packaging, then congratulations. In that case, your jewelry packaging box may have acted as a salesperson, which will silently help you improve your sales performance.


We understand some of the factors that a good jewelry packaging box needs to have and consider in order to customize a more targeted jewelry packaging box. Before starting the design, we can combine the above problems to determine the content that needs to be displayed in the jewelry packaging box. After sorting and designing, the information is finally displayed clearly.


Jewelry packaging boxes can convey a lot of important information about brands and products to potential users. Therefore, after completing the design stage of jewelry packaging boxes, choosing jewelry packaging box suppliers is also very important. Cooperation with professional packaging box manufacturers can provide a higher level of comprehensive and better service, which is crucial to the development of the brand and product sales.

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