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The market for jewelry packaging box

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  • April 18, 2018

With the development of society, jewelry and luxury goods are popular, so the sales of jewelry packaging box are very good, so I would like to introduce the jewelry packaging box.
white paper jewelry packaging box manufacturer
1. Box type

Custom jewelry packaging box for our customers, our company so that we can customize for our clients all kinds of boxes, like the lid and the bottom of the box and the box shape this book, this is a popular box, the lid and the bottom of the box is much cheaper than the book box shape, the book box shape, it has a magnet and cardboard box above, we need to use the lid and bottom, therefore, some people want to buy cheaper box, they would choose the cover of the book and bottom box instead of box shape
paper green jewelry packaging box manufacturer
2. Manual class

You can see the jewelry packaging box, jewelry packaging box lid and bottom, it box and bottom box lid, we will cover box and bottom box, do the lid of a box is a basic frame length, when we close, box has, the boxes is already.

A jewelry packaging box shaped like a book.

You can see the jewelry packaging box, this is the book the shape of the jewellery box, we can do outside the box, inside box, we use the blue box, inside box into the carton, this is good, some people will choose the magnet, but many people will choose to take, they are using with handle sticky box didn't use the magnet, it will make the box is very beautiful, but the cost would be higher than magnetic paper box.