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There is a mysterious box, called a drawer box

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  • April 28, 2018

If the cover box gives people a sense of intuition, drawer box can create a sense of mystery. It is mysterious because it gives people an impulse to see its shape and can't wait to pull out the treasure.

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This drawer box is naturally a "treasure box". The drawer box lid is tubular, while the box body is disc shaped. The box lid box is made of two independent structures. Such a design makes opening a fun. Slowly pulling the moment into a moment of enjoyment. This type of packing box is very suitable for gift packaging, tea packaging, jewelry packaging, watch packaging and electronic product packaging.
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The mysterious drawer box can be used in many ways, with different levels. If you want to save space and want to pack the same brand of different series of products, double layer drawer box form is a good choice.

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Drawer box, strong, convenient and practical. The outer box of drawer box can improve the product's value by decorating, such as adding hot stamping, UV, shock, press and so on. It can not only highlight the brand information, but also highlight the unique texture of the carton, and the art sense of the whole box is surrounded. Products instantly give their own unique high-end style because of packaging. The consumer's confidence in the brand is full. He doesn't sell any revenge.

Drawer box inside box can choose cardboard, add some EVA inner support, suck inside the inner support, flannelette, color Ding cloth and so on to enhance the protection, and aesthetic feeling, convenient in the sale display, beautify the propaganda, improve the price, attract customers, improve competitiveness, and facilitate consumers to subscribe.