The story of the jewel box

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 31, 2017

Jewelry is a viable, the production process is the continuation of its life, as a jewelry store jewelry box can often give the owner a surprise. The history of the development of Luomian culture, which can be said to be a long time, Ms. Lu and Luodian jewelry box is in Korea, when she found originated in China's culture in South Korea when the development and growth, she decided to hold up in China lacquer lacquer culture Of the sky, in China for the revival of the traditional process to contribute, so she founded the Jubilee legend brand.


The starting point for the purchase of jewelery is to make jewelry a better place to live, if precious and rare, is a symbol of identity. Simple jewelry conservation, the purchase of jewelry boxes can not superstition prices, there are many famous brand jewelry box is expensive, but they are more like works of art. Because it is not easy to do a memorable, buy a collection is also good.


In other people's view, the embodiment of noble identity is the most important. Ms. Lu believes that deep-sea abalone shellfish is the top of the jewelry box material, waterproof is very good, there is no taste. But because of the deterioration of the marine environment, high quality shells scarce, the market is rare. "With the development of human society, jewelry from the use of accessories has evolved into a religious, social status, showing wealth and other symbolic items, Luodian jewelry box will be in the long process of cleaning up, highlighting the royal family as a royal culture Grade "Ms. Lu said.


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