Make a box for your jewelry

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  • August 31, 2017

Each beauty of women will have a number of their own love the baby jewelry, wear appropriate jewelry as part of the female body can not be obtained, either from external or internal will greatly enhance women's bright and beautiful exponent of confidence. And a fine jewelry box not only let the beauty of the baby who find a beautiful home, better reflect a woman's extraordinary aesthetic and taste, but also urban women to bring jewelry, embellishment of life a great choice.


Protection of rings and earrings

Dedicated to fixing and protecting your baby rings, usually consisting of a set of striped flannel sponge pads. In addition to placing the ring, used to put cufflinks or earrings is also a good choice, white velvet can protect your hands, more care of your baby.


Specifically for the protection of your earrings jewelry, usually in the partition on the configuration of the ear hole in order to fix the earrings, or the use of box cover the location of the ear set aside, and some in the compartment with a stud Hole of the movable pad.


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