What should you pay attention to when custom necklace boxes?

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  • April 18, 2022

Necklace boxes are divided into many styles. From the perspective of opening methods, there are pull-outs, heaven, and earth covers, etc.; from the perspective of production materials, there are wooden necklace boxes, paper necklace boxes, plastic necklace boxes, and so on. Judging from the frequency of use in the market, the use of paper necklace boxes and plastic necklace boxes is very high. If you need a custom necklace box, what should you pay attention to?


What should you pay attention to when custom necklace boxes?


1. Establish brand marketing
Obviously, what cannot be ignored in the custom necklace box is brand marketing. The brand logo, slogan, pattern design shape, color matching, etc. are all key factors that affect whether customers recognize your brand. A qualified necklace box should display brand information as much as possible.


2. Master customer preferences
What style of necklace box do your customers like? If you don't know, then pay attention, you have to count the basic information of customers, such as age, gender, social background, etc. You also have to research what customers think about the design of the necklace box, the styles that different people like, etc.


What should you pay attention to when custom necklace boxes?


3. What material to choose?
Different necklaces naturally use different grades of packaging boxes. Most of the necklace boxes use plastic boxes, and the inner lining is made of sponge and soft velvet cloth, which can better protect the necklace from being worn. It is also wrapped with a layer of velvet cloth, so it is also very textured in the hand. Of course, there are also necklace boxes directly made of cardboard, with beautiful patterns and text printed on the outside, which are also very beautiful. So, whether to use wood, plastic, or cardboard material, depends on the price of your necklace, as well as the customer's preference.


4. Is your necklace box full of creativity?
A creative necklace box not only captures the user's attention but also increases the perceived value of the product. When users see creative packaging boxes when shopping, they will subconsciously think that the product must also be very distinctive, so they will want to know more about the product. Whether it is using creative graphic design or structural design, it can effectively attract customers' attention and improve the perceived value of the product. In the jewelry packaging industry, more and more creativity is needed to attract more customers.

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