The advantages and materials of plastic jewelry box

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  • April 17, 2022

A plastic jewelry box is widely used, it is a box made of PVC/PET/PP/PS, etc. It has the characteristics of increasing user experience, permanent and durable packaging, moisture-proof and waterproof, high toughness, strong transportation safety performance, and improved product quality. In addition to cardboard jewelry boxes, many of the boxes we usually use are made of plastic jewelry boxes, which are wrapped with fabric and look very textured.


The advantages and materials of plastic jewelry box


Plastic jewelry boxes are made of synthetic or natural polymer resin as the main material. After adding additives, it has ductility under certain temperatures and pressure and can be shaped after cooling. The natural or synthetic polymer resin molecules are in a molten state, and the process in which the additive molecules are evenly distributed around is called plasticization.


What are the advantages of plastic jewelry boxes?

1. It is easy to form, just need to replace the mold, you can get different varieties of containers, easy to form mass production.

2. The packaging effect is good, there are many varieties of printed plastic boxes, easy to color, and the color is bright. Different types of packaging containers can be made according to needs to obtain the best packaging effect.

3. It has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance; and has good mechanical strength.


The advantages and materials of plastic jewelry box


What materials are used in plastic jewelry boxes?


PVC, PC, PBT, ABS, and other materials are used more. The high-quality ABS plastic material is impact-resistant, resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and the jewelry box is thicker than the general box. There is also an anti-drop effect. Dustproof, anti-knock, anti-static.


The embryo body of the plastic jewelry box is made of plastic mold, and it is wrapped with paper or PU leather. This kind of packaging looks a little high-end, and the cost is not high and is often used by some mid-end customers.

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