What is the value of using different materials for custom jewelry boxes?

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  • November 24, 2022

The cost of jewelry packaging boxes is high or not. It needs to be measured according to the actual situation, and the production process and materials of jewelry packaging boxes need to be considered. The difference between the two will result in different production costs. Customized jewelry boxes can choose materials according to their actual needs. What value will different materials produce?


1. Paper Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes made of paper or cardboard are usually individual jewelry boxes. They are primarily used for gift wrapping, so they are not the primary storage option for one's jewelry collection, and most of them come with various soft fabric linings or cushions to protect the pieces inside. They are very lightweight and come in a variety of colors and patterns, from simple to intricate. And it can make hundreds of styles of appearance according to the design drawing, and the plasticity is very strong.


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2. Leather/faux leather jewelry box

A leather jewelry box is not actually made of leather, but wrapped in it. Leather is very popular among fashion designers and home decor as it looks very chic and expensive while being a very durable material. Leather is a viral material for men's jewelry boxes as it is thought to give them a more manly, rugged look, while fabrics like satin or velvet or materials like glass give women's jewelry Boxes an elegant and sophisticated feel.


Given its flexibility, some of the more unusual jewelry storage options, such as jewelry rolls and fleece bags, are made from leather to give them both the flexibility needed and the durability customers want. In recent years, consumers have become more and more interested in artificial leather, because genuine leather has extremely high environmental protection and cost. However, one must be aware that bad real leather is not the only reason to choose faux leather products.


3. Velvet jewelry box

A velvet jewelry box, or rather a jewelry box covered in velvet, is a familiar image to most people. Velvet is one of the most commonly used fabrics, both to decorate the inside and cover the outside of a jewelry box. Its soft look and feel give a jewelry box a very refined look, while the reputation the fabric has gained historically lends it a very royal appeal. Authentic velvet is often expensive to produce and, combined with its unique softness, we associate it with nobility.


4. Wooden jewelry boxes


Solid wood jewelry boxes are used in relatively high-end jewelry packaging. Generally, solid wood is used as the main material and is treated with spray paint. Many companies use this kind of solid wood jewelry box to export to foreign countries. The batch is not large, but the production cycle is long and the price is expensive.


Boyang Packaging is a jewelry box manufacturer with many years of experience. We can customize jewelry boxes, and the price varies according to the specific needs of the customer, such as the number of goods provided by the customer, customer positioning, and material usage.

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