What is the role of jewelry packaging design?

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  • November 05, 2022

As an important design type of graphic design, packaging design naturally has its unique role. The biggest role of jewelry packaging design is to attract consumers' attention and stimulate consumers to like the packaged jewelry, so as to realize consumption and increase the sales volume of jewelry. Jewelry packaging design embodies a good attitude towards life, and at the same time, it also lies in continuous attempts and explorations. Color is of great value, and its influence on our expression of thoughts, tastes, and hobbies is the most direct and important. Grasp the color. The colorless design of the packaging is like a trace of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of the dust. Its elegance, simplicity, and quietness make people enjoy another refreshing and elegant fragrance after enjoying sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty. They are not obvious. Indisputable attributes will exude timeless charm in packaging design.


Jewelry packaging design is a combination of art and natural science, applied to the packaging protection and beautification of jewelry. It is not a broad sense of "art" or simple decoration but includes science, art, materials, economy, psychology, and the market. The multi-functional embodiment of other comprehensive elements.


What is the role of jewelry packaging design?


There are two main functions of packaging: one is to protect the product; the other is to beautify and promote the product. The basic task of jewelry packaging design is to scientifically and economically complete the shape, structure, and decoration design of jewelry packaging.


(1) Packaging design

Packaging design, also known as body design, mostly refers to the shape of packaging containers. It uses the principles of aesthetics to visually express the shape of the packaging container with packaging function and beautiful appearance through changes in form, color, and other factors. The packaging container must be able to reliably protect the product, must have an excellent appearance, and must also be economical.


(2) Packaging structure design

The packaging structure design is based on the protection, convenience, reusability, and other basic functions of the packaging and the actual production conditions, and the design is based on the specific consideration of the external and internal structure of the packaging according to scientific principles. An excellent structural design should take the effective protection of commodities as its primary function; secondly, it should consider the convenience of use, carrying, display, shipping, etc.; it should also try to consider functions such as reuse and display of contents.


What is the role of jewelry packaging design?


(3) Packaging and decoration design

Packaging and decoration design is a form of art such as pattern, text, color, relief, etc., to highlight the characteristics and image of the product, and strive to be exquisite in shape, novel in pattern, bright in color, and clear in the text, and decorate and beautify products to promote product sales. Packaging and decoration is a comprehensive science, which is not only a practical art but also an engineering technology. It is an organic combination of arts and crafts and engineering technology and considers marketing, consumer economics, consumer psychology, and other disciplines.


An excellent jewelry packaging design is the organic unity of packaging modeling design, structural design, and decoration design. Only in this way can the role of jewelry packaging design be fully played. Moreover, packaging design not only involves the two academic fields of technology and art but also involves many other related disciplines in their respective fields. Therefore, it takes a lot of hard work to get a good packaging design.

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