What are the styles of custom jewelry packaging boxes?

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  • February 18, 2023

A famous design master once said: "When customers pass by the shelves, it takes only 0.2 seconds for the products to come into view. If you want customers to marvel at this moment and be willing to stop, you must rely on eye-catching packaging."


In order to make eye-catching packaging, designers must know how to customize the classic box shape of jewelry packaging boxes. There are many types of classic packaging boxes, such as the upper and lower combination of the sky and the earth cover, the box type box with embedded combination, the door type with left and right opening and closing, the book type with package combination, etc. These classic types have laid the foundation for the packaging box. structure. Under the framework of the basic structure, designers can create ever-changing box shapes, and put a cool coat on the product packaging!


So, what are the styles of custom jewelry packaging boxes?


1. Drawer box type

It is divided into two parts, the inner box, and the sleeve box, and is opened and closed by extraction. This kind of box uses more paper, and the cost will be slightly higher.



custom jewelry packaging boxes

2. Book type box type

The packaging style is like a book, and the box opens from one side. The box type is composed of a panel and a bottom box. According to the different needs of packaging customization, some book-type boxes require materials such as magnets and iron sheets. This box type is one of the box type options for high-end gifts.


3. Clamshell box type

The clamshell packaging box is divided into a single clamshell box and a double clamshell box. The double clamshell is composed of two covers of a bottom box, and one cover is a single clamshell. The process required by the double clamshell packaging box is relatively complicated.


4. Window box type

Dig holes in the carton to open windows or add transparent cellophane to see through the product, so that the product can be displayed in front of us intuitively, which is convenient for customers to observe and increase the credibility of the product.


5. Socket box type

The upper and lower ears are inserted, the upper part is the same as the bottom part, and most of them are split, and the same side can also be opened, which is convenient for packaging and has a wide range of uses, suitable for lighter products.


6. Aircraft box type

After the packaging box is unfolded, it is a whole sheet of cut-shaped paper. The structural design is used to achieve one-piece molding. It does not need to be glued, which can save processing costs. It is often used in express packaging.


7. Heaven and earth cover box type

The box cover and the bottom cover are separated, and the cost of using more paper is slightly higher, but the texture is good. It is suitable for high-quality gift boxes and enhances the product image.


8. Multi-sided box type

It also adopts the form of heaven and earth cover, but the shape is composed of polygons such as pentagons or hexagons, which gives people a sense of stability and atmosphere and leaves a deep impression on consumers.


The customization of high-end jewelry packaging boxes is a technology that is very particular about craftsmanship. The printing process of high-end gift packaging boxes is very particular:

1. The cold stamping process of jewelry packaging boxes has low cost, can save a lot of energy, and has high production efficiency. It does not need to be heated before printing. It is a new type of promising new process.

2. The common embossing process for making jewelry packaging boxes uses modern engraving technology to make upper and lower matching female molds and male molds. The sub-convex and concave process of hot stamping boxes is completed at one time. The rise of embossing technology reduces the inaccuracies caused by inaccurate processes. Good product.

3. Gold printing and silver printing process for gift box making.

Various types of gift boxes, from the top and bottom of the structure to the form of the sky and the earth cover, the box embedded in the box type combination, the door type that opens and closes left and right, and the book type package combination. These types lay the basic structure of the gift box. Under the basic framework, the design designers have developed ever-changing types and put cool coats on the product packaging.


The above are the styles of customized jewelry packaging boxes. Through these basic styles, our designers will be able to design better packaging. With classics as the basis, designers can innovate new packaging box types.

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