How to analyze jewelry box design and innovation from a marketing perspective?

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  • June 04, 2022

How important is the jewelry box, I believe that companies that make jewelry brands know it. Jewelry boxes are usually the first impression a company makes to consumers, and one-third of users’ purchasing decisions depend on jewelry boxes. As a modern jewelry box designer, you also need to understand some marketing expertise, using psychology and marketing concepts to determine the needs and desires of customers for jewelry box design, so that the brand can be better marketed. At the same time, the innovative jewelry box design is more popular with customers.


1. How to enhance the competitiveness of marketing through jewelry box design?


1. How to enhance the competitiveness of marketing through jewelry box design?


From the perspective of marketing, packaging design is to reflect the brand design in the form of product packaging boxes. In this sense, the jewelry box design not only needs to meet the user's preferences but also needs to provide information about the product and brand.


When designing a jewelry box, first, the jewelry box designer will base it on the user's preference for the product box. For example, the packaging material, color, information, etc. that the user likes. Then, according to the user's preferences, the brand designs a jewelry packaging box that can attract the target user. Build trust and value for the brand through jewelry packaging.


Second, another key point to enhance brand marketing power through jewelry box design is the emotional connection between users and brands. Adding user-recognizable brand elements to the box can not only improve brand recognition but also allow brands to connect emotionally with users at the fastest speed. This is the reason why brand colors and logos are insisted on in many product boxes. This is not just to create an emotional connection with users, but also to make consumers feel the overall experience of the brand from the jewelry box.


2. How to make jewelry box innovations surprise customers?

2. How to make jewelry box innovations surprise customers?


Jewelry box innovation is a very tough job that can constantly surprise and freshen customers. All jewelry packaging innovations need to be realized through the aesthetics and needs of the public. Innovative jewelry packaging can set the benchmark for the market, making it visually and emotionally superior to other products. Jewelry packaging innovation is not easy, we can analyze it from two aspects:


(1) Innovation of jewelry packaging materials

There are many types of jewelry packaging materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, paper, and so on. Since the characteristics of packaging materials are different, these common packaging materials also have advantages and disadvantages. Paper is the most common outer packaging material in the market, not only because of its superb malleability but also because of its low cost and environmental friendliness. Wooden boxes are very primitive packaging, but wooden boxes are slow to produce and expensive, so they are not common in the retail market. Plastic and acrylic packaging is generally used as inner packaging and so on. Although many of the above jewelry packaging materials may have some shortcomings, innovations in certain materials can make them better used in packaging boxes. For example, degradable plastics, etc.


(2) Innovation in the appearance design of jewelry packaging boxes

The innovation of jewelry packaging design can effectively attract users' attention and meet their needs of customers. Design innovation can be divided into graphic design innovation and structural design innovation. Innovations in graphic design are generally designed to make it easier for customers to differentiate the brand from its competitors. Therefore, not only eye-catching popular elements can be added to the box, but also a brand logo, brand color, and other elements can be added. The packaging structure design is more for the convenience of packaging, such as the folding box is easy to store and saves transportation and storage costs.

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