What are the characteristics of paper jewelry packaging box materials?

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  • November 17, 2022

The structure and material of the packaging box not only provide services for the storage, protection, and transportation of the product, but also in the retail environment, the color and physical structure of the packaging is the first thing that catches the eyes of consumers, followed by text and other information. For many products, this physical structure is the brand's visual identity. Physical quality and protective features affect the product's initial appeal to consumers, so the material and structure of paper jewelry packaging boxes become one of the most important elements of packaging.


Paper jewelry packaging boxes have the advantages of low cost, resource-saving, good machining performance, adaptability to highly mechanized mass production, easy printing, non-toxic and harmless when used, and easy to recycle. Therefore, in commodity circulation, whether it is corrugated boxes for transportation packaging, cartons and paper bags for sales packaging, or composite packaging materials based on cardboard, they all rank first among various packaging materials.


What are the characteristics of paper jewelry packaging box materials?


Classification and characteristics of paper


We generally refer to paper with a unit weight of fewer than 225 grams per square meter as paper, and paper with a weight of 225 grams per square meter or more as cardboard. There are many types of paper materials used for jewelry packaging boxes, but the main types are as follows:


1. Whiteboard

There are two types of whiteboard paper: gray bottom and white bottom. The texture is firm and thick, and the paper surface is smooth and white. It has good strength, strength, folding resistance, and printing adaptability. It is suitable for folding boxes, hardware packaging, sanitary ware boxes, etc., and can also be used to make waistbands, hang tags, liners, and back panels for blister packaging. Because of its low price and the most widely used, it is the most widely used jewelry packaging material.


2. Coated paper

Coated paper is divided into two types: single-sided and double-sided, mainly using high-grade raw materials such as wood and cotton fibers. It is about 30-300 grams per square meter, and more than 250 grams is called a copperplate white card. The paper surface is coated with a layer of white pigment, adhesive, and various auxiliary additives. After super calendering, the paper surface is white, smooth, strong in adhesion, and strong in water resistance, and the ink can shine brightly after printing. White background, suitable for multi-color process printing. After printing, the color is bright, the level changes are rich, and the graphics are clear. Suitable for printing gift boxes.


3. Offset paper

There are single-sided and double-sided, and offset paper contains a small amount of cotton and wood fibers. The paper surface is white and smooth, but the whiteness, compactness, and smoothness are lower than those of coated paper. It is suitable for monochrome letterpress and offset printing, such as letterhead, envelopes, product instructions, labels, etc. When used in color printing, it will make the printed matter dull. It can be pasted with yellow board paper to make a box after printing simple graphics or text, or it can be placed in a small box as a liner.


4. Paper jam

The cardboard is divided into white cards, colored cards, and glass cardboard. White cardboard is firm, white, and smooth. The glass cardboard paper has a glossy finish. Glass side Ivory cardboard paper side with ivory texture. Cardboard is relatively expensive, so it is generally used for the packaging of high-end products such as gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, and hang tags.


5. Art paper

This is an art paper with various embossed textures and rich colors on the surface. It is specially processed and therefore expensive. It is generally only used for high-end jewelry packaging to increase the preciousness of jewelry. Due to the uneven texture of the paper surface, the ink is not solid during printing, so it is not suitable for color offset printing.


6. Recycled paper

It is a kind of green environmental protection paper, made of recycled pulp, which is loose, has good shock absorption performance, and is cheap. It can be used to make egg trays. Recycled paper will be the main direction of packaging paper in the future.


Various structural design factors also determine the convenience of end consumers when using the product. Modern jewelry packaging materials such as paper, plastic, and glass have developed rapidly. Packaging materials have their own strengths and play an important role in packaging design.

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