The manufacturing process of jewelry velvet bags

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  • June 16, 2024

The jewelry velvet bags, which seem to be inconspicuous small objects, can protect the safety and beauty of precious jewelry. Today, let us take a deeper look at the manufacturing process of jewelry velvet bags.


1. Flannel material selection

The production of jewelry velvet bags starts with material selection. High-quality fabrics are the key to ensuring the quality of velvet bags. We usually choose soft and delicate velvet materials, such as velvet, gold velvet, etc. These materials are not only comfortable to touch but also provide excellent protection for jewelry. At the same time, in order to ensure the durability of the velvet bags, we will also choose high-strength wires, such as silk thread, nylon thread, etc., for sewing the bag mouth and strengthening the bag body.


2. Velvet bag design

During the design stage, the size and style of the velvet bag need to be determined according to the size, shape, and characteristics of the jewelry. Designers will carefully conceive every detail to make the velvet bag both beautiful and practical.


Some jewelry velvet bags are designed in a simple style to highlight the brilliance of jewelry; some will add some decorative elements, such as lace, beads, etc., to increase its exquisiteness.


jewelry velvet bags


3. Careful cutting

After selecting the materials and designing the style, it is time to enter the cutting stage. Experienced cutting masters will accurately cut the velvet into the required shape and size according to the design drawings.


This process requires extremely high precision and patience to ensure that the size of each velvet bag is accurate, laying a good foundation for subsequent sewing.


4. Sewing of velvet bags

Sewing is one of the most critical links in the production process of jewelry velvet bags. Skilled sewing workers will use professional sewing machines to sew the cut velvet piece by piece.


They will carefully handle each stitch to ensure that the bag body is firm and flat and that there will be no problems such as derailment. When sewing the bag mouth, special attention will be paid to strengthening the strength of the seal to ensure the safety of the jewelry.


5. Decoration of velvet bags

In order to make the jewelry velvet bags more unique and exquisite, some decorative treatments will also be performed. This may include adding embroidery, hot stamping, beading, and other processes to the bag.


These decorative elements not only enhance the appearance and quality of the velvet bag but also reflect the manufacturer's ingenuity and creativity.


6. Strict quality inspection link

After sewing and decoration, each jewelry velvet bag must go through a strict quality inspection link. The quality inspector will carefully check the quality of each bag, including the quality of the fabric, the firmness of the sewing, the effect of the decoration, etc. Only the velvet bags that pass the quality inspection can be packaged and delivered for use.


7. Careful packaging

Finally, qualified jewelry velvet bags will be carefully packaged. Usually, separate packaging is used to ensure that each velvet bag is not damaged during transportation and storage. The brand logo and related information will also be printed on the packaging to increase the recognition and added value of the product.


From material selection to packaging, every link is full of jewelry velvet bag manufacturers' hard work and wisdom. Jewelry velvet bags are not just a simple packaging tool, but also a work of art. It protects the light of jewelry and conveys the manufacturer's pursuit of beauty.

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