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jewelry pouch material selection analysis

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  • May 31, 2018

  • 1,Can wool be used as a jewelry pouch?

  • Flannelette material will drop a little down, easy to adhere to dust, if it is given to some electronic products or precision jewelry, may cause electronic products or jewelry to enter the dust inside.

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  • 2,Is linen material suitable for jewelry pouch?

The material of linen is coarse, and it can shed a little dust. Besides electronic products, it is basically suitable for packaging all other products, and has the advantages of environmental protection and nature.

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  • 3,Is cotton the best material for making jewelry pouch?

  • Cotton and canvas materials are environmentally friendly and can be used as jewelry pouch. For expensive jewelry, some grades are a bit low, not the best choice of jewelry pouch.

    • 4,Nylon and satin

    Nylon and satin materials are exquisite, gorgeous in color, and are a very good choice for jewelry pouch.

    • 5,Is ultrafine fiber material suitable for jewelry pouch

    The super fine fiber material has the characteristics of super structure, softness and tenacity, and does not damage the working substance and low dust and ion contentIt is very suitable for making jewelry pouch.

  • 6,leather substance

  • Leather materials, high - grade, business, is the best electronic product packaging, jewelry packaging choices.