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Jewelry packaging box is expensive or cheap?

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  • June 05, 2018

Jewelry boxes, handbags and other jewelry packaging box products are consumptive and are an integral part of jewelry store operations. Most jewelers value their design and quality, especially in the case of good business practices. Jewelers do not care much about their costs, but when the jewelry retail market is in trouble and the market is heating up, some people are going to consider reducing costs in this respect. That is whether jewelry packaging box products are expensive or cheap. What about?
jewelry packaging box factory

    Jewelry is positioning: jewelry products rely on quantity, and the low profit of a single product is of course to buy cheap, like the profit of each product of some silver jewelry itself is limited, if it is a jewelry box to 3,4 dollars is not worth it, But the jewelry store's products are positioned in the high-end, we must not buy low-grade jewelry packaging box products, jewelry packaging is also a jewelry brand VI, it can represent the brand image, it is like jewelry store decoration must keep up with the market Rhythm can attract customers; followed by quality: Some jewelers want the same quality, the lowest price, which is what everyone thinks. However, interlacing is like a mountain, and the appearance inside can really vary greatly. The same thing can be made for several different prices. This is because jewelry packaging box products are mostly handmade products. For example, the jewelry box has a lot of prices. The appearance looks the same, but the differences can be seen only when the leaves are used for a period of time, the degree of glue adhesion, and the quality of the hair.

jewelry packaging box factory

Therefore, choose the jewelry packaging box should be based on their own products to choose, Bo Yang packaging according to your needs to customize the most suitable for your product.