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The proper cleaning of your jewelry box and velvet bag.

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  • May 03, 2018

Cleaning your jewelry box may be a long and complex method as a result of most of them are inside with velvet bag for packing. This material is harder to wash than common cloth; if you clean it with towels you'll leave lint,  and dusters are useless against inlaid powder in velvet bag. However, this task mustn't continuously be a hassle; you'll be able to follow some steps to wash your jewelry box reduce trouble.
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The first step is to take out all jewellery from velvet bag;  your jewelry box should to be remain empty state. Next, organize your jewellery grouping them by classes like long and short necklaces, earrings, pin earrings, rings and bracelets. a good idea  is to increase them in a very table or in your bed, therefore you recognize specifically what jewellery you have got and the way a lot of area you would like to arrange them; according to step is to wash the case and for this purpose you'll be able to use a warm wet cloth.
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In case the velvet bag in you box is stained, you'll be able use to cleaning product, specially formulated for a delicate material such as velvet bag. The damp cloth can assist you to get rid of a lot of of the dirt, particularly dust and hair. If you’ve cleansed everything and  the box remains dirty, you only rinse the cloth and wipe once more. Finally, you'll be able to spray some air freshener to a fresh it a  scent. Wait for the jewelry box and velvet bag to be fully dry and transfer your jewelry back to the jewelry box.