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Why do the custom printed jewelry boxes focus on solvent penetration?

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  • Jimmy at
  • June 26, 2018

In the course of custom printed jewelry boxes, due to the slow penetration rate of the solvent, some defective products may be produced, especially in the process of customizing some simple packaging boxes. In order to save costs, many packaging box manufacturers use some unqualified solvents Ink solvents, but why do we add solvents to the ink? We know that the current ink will use a resin. Does this solvent have a series of chemical effects on the resin? How does his efficiency affect custom printed jewelry boxes?

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In the case of custom printed jewelry boxes, if the solvent in the ink penetrates at a low speed, then the resin that needs the oxidative polymerization must also match the speed of the slow-penetrating solvent, and the ink can be fixed and hardened in an excellent smoothness state. Perfectly matched with this penetration rate, you can make excellent custom printed jewelry boxes products, but this situation is often more difficult to capture the speed of the change of resin polymerization, so the speed of the solvent needs to be combined with the polymerization rate of the resin, and The non-resin-based polymerization is based on the penetration rate of the solvent. This is a "dry product" that has been summarized through the experience of custom printed jewelry boxes.

custom jewelry boxes
However, on the other hand, the speed of solvent penetration is very compact and efficient, and the polymerization of the resin is still the same. Therefore, the requirement of very high requirements for the smoothness of custom printed jewelry boxes is very demanding. In this case, the ink layer becomes very dark after it is hardened. Dumb, not as bright as before.