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What should I pay attention to in the logo design of the font of the custom gift box.

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  • Jimmy at
  • June 05, 2018

The purpose of the font design of the custom gift box is to make the text not only have the function of fully conveying information, but also have the function of product form and product.People's aesthetic concept achieves harmony and unity.The following principles are generally applicable.

(1) to meet the overall design requirements of the custom gift box decoration

Custom gift box packaging is overall shape, composition, color, font, font type, size, structure, performance skills and artistic style are subject to the overall design, to strengthen the overall effect of text and products of unity and harmony, not only to highlight the text.

custom gift box

(2) combine product features

The custom gift box text is used to beautify the packaging, introduce the product, and promote the product.Artistic image of the character should be not only, also can cause lenovo, and enable the association and the product form and content to achieve coordination, produce the aesthetic feeling of unity, such as some cosmetics use thin line body outstanding brand and name, can give a person with relaxed, the feeling of elegance.

(3) the custom gift box should have strong visual appeal

Including artistic and legible, the former should work hard in arrangement and fonts, requiring beautiful and compact arrangement, sparse and delicate spacing, fresh and varied spacing, appropriate font size, thickness, and certain artistic qualities that can beautify the composition. The legibility includes the eye-catching degree of the text and the reading efficiency. The fonts with poor readability often make it difficult to recognize, weaken the expressive function that the text itself should have, lack the appeal, and cause fatigue. Generally, the number of characters is less, you can work hard to highlight the decorative features; more than the number of characters, should focus on reading efficiency, often use horizontal strokes than the vertical strokes of fine fonts, in order to facilitate the flow of sight in the horizontal direction.

custom gift box

(4) the font should be contemporary

The custom gift box fonts reflect a certain era. If they are coordinated with the product content, they will deepen understanding and association with the product. For example, the use of carcass, bodies, and a strong sense of quaintness, show a long history of the nation, used for packaging of “ancient wine” and “court food”, etc., and for modern industrial products, it is different from the modern sense of the product. At this time, the application of modern and strong fonts, such as isochrons, art characters, etc. is very coordinated.

(5) select not too many types of fonts

A packaging picture, maybe need several fonts, and may be in English and use, the combination of general font should be limited to three, the combination of too much, will undermine the overall design of the unified feeling, is cumbersome and messy;Any combination, the pursuit of stimulation, will destroy coordination and harmony.

(6) try to diversify the arrangement of words

The font arrangement of the custom gift box is an important aspect of composition, and the variety of arrangement can make the composition novel and full of changes.Packaging text arrangement can be from a different direction, location, size, etc., considering common arrangement include: landscape, side-by-side, round rows, oblique rows, beating and gradual change, repeat rows, cross, step, etc.The variety of arrangement should be subordinated to the whole, and the characters should be coordinated with trademarks and patterns, so that they can be appreciated by both the refined and the vulgar.