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Use of different materials for earring box

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  • June 05, 2018

Earring box is generally based on the type of packaging, the material used is also very particular about the following, we briefly introduce what different earring box material used is different.

 Earring box factory

First, the middle gel earring box: Currently on the market are generally more do with glue embryos, wrapped in a layer of skin paper, leather paper is generally imported from abroad is better. This type of box is relatively cheap, and is generally used in silver jewelry shops.
Second, flocking quality earring box: flocking boxes are based on plastic as the main structure, the surface flocking, looks more beautiful and relatively light. Flocking boxes are more upscale than cartons. It is also generally used for silver jewelry, gold, etc.

Third, the jelly earring box: the embryo body is a plastic mold, outsourcing paper or PU leather, this packaging, looks a little high-end, the cost is not too high, often used by some mid-end customers.
Earring box factory
Fourth, wood material earring box: wood earring box is a relatively high-end jewelry packaging used, generally wood as the main material, spray paint treatment, many companies use this solid wood earring box exported to foreign countries. The volume is not large, but the production cycle is long and the price is expensive.
The leather, wood, paint and glue used in BoYang packaging are all environmentally friendly materials. We use the latest materials and crafts to keep pace with famous jewelry brands at home and abroad. Similarly, quality is an integral part of our production process.