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The jewelry boxes is a spokesperson for each Ladies

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  • June 05, 2018

They either possess beautiful worldliness and beauty, are brilliant, talented or talented, and have a style of perseverance. They are as brilliant as the classic stories created by these legendary women, and those whom they love. The enamel jewelry and jewelry boxes, such as the magnificent stars, exude an eternal light in the vast space of time.
jewelry boxes
The jewelry box is the best spokesperson for women, and the women's story gives life to jewelry. Now, although Fanghua is not there, but opening these legendary women's jewelry boxes, a piece of jewelry shining with luster and lustre still tells us about their splendor and desolateness. Beauty and sadness·······
jewelry boxes
The legendary couple of the Duke of Windsor left a deep impression on the history of modern jewelry design and the history of sponsorship. Their jewelry was mostly made by the top European designers at that time, and almost none of the designs had two participants. The delicate Duke of Windsor often engraved his wife’s affectionate confession with jewelry, all the way to witness the love of the Duke and his wife.