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Watch box manufacturers remind you to pay attention to when buying a watch?

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  • Jimmy at
  • June 09, 2019

Although in the era when everyone has a mobile phone, there is no need to watch the time through the watch, but the watch is still a very important match in our work or life. At work, wearing a watch will make you feel that you pay attention to time. Wearing a stylish watch in your life can also add a lot to our image. A good watch can be used for five or six years, or even seven or eight years. If you buy a watch, if you buy a bad watch, you need to repair it in a year or two. So what do we pay attention to when buying a watch? Watch box manufacturers are here to share some opinions with you.


Watch box manufacturers


1. Choose a reliable merchant to buy a watch

Watch box manufacturers believe that if you buy a high-value watch, then of course it is best to be a brand counter or a brand-licensed dealer. What needs to be noted here is that many dealers use the banner of authorization to write XXX brand franchise stores, and the sales staff will also say that they are XXX brand stores. In fact, there is no authorization. Is there any authorization, is it a counter, go to the brand official website to check it, it is very simple. Although it is not excluded that some unlicensed store services are also very good, the quality is not bad, but there are also services that are not in place, especially because there is no authorization, not an official store, it is very enthusiastic when selling watches, but the after-sales situation is a mess.


Watch box manufacturers remind you to pay attention to when buying a watch?


2. Be clear after-sales

Watch box manufacturers remind you that when buying a watch, you must ask who is responsible for the after-sales service. There are two kinds of responsibility in the store. One is responsible for repairing itself, and the authorized store is generally responsible for sending the brand to the after-sales service. These two differences are huge. If you are responsible for repairing yourself, because of the problems of master craftsmanship and after-sales standards, it is difficult to judge. At this time, big dealers and dealers with their own after-sales teams have advantages, and relatively safe.


Are the accessories complete? It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the watch itself has a problem. As a watch box manufacturers, we hope that everyone can buy the best quality watches, which also saves a lot of trouble.