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How does the new jewelry packaging box remove the smell?

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  • Jimmy at
  • November 09, 2019

The new jewelry packaging box is like a newly renovated house. There are some smells that are uncomfortable. At this time, you need to find a way to remove the smell. Unlike other boxes, the jewelry packaging box can't be cleaned at will, and it can't be enlarged in the inside to remove the taste. What should I do to remove the odor?


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Method one:
Use lemon juice or lemon essential oil, dilute a few drops in water, use a small spray bottle to spray some inside and outside the box, and then wipe it with a warm wet cloth. Note here that the rag should not be too wet, and do not rub too much. After all, after the operation, put the jewelry packaging box in a ventilated place to dry. If there is still a smell, it can be repeated several times.


Method Two:
You don't have to do anything, you just need to put the jewelry packaging box in a ventilated place, and there is no smell in about half a day.


Method three:
Use a toilet paper to remove the taste, use a proper amount of toilet paper and fold it into the jewelry packaging box to absorb the odor.


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Method four:
The orange peel is used to absorb the odor. There are many honeycomb holes on the orange peel and it has good adsorption capacity. Wash the orange peel and dry it, then divide it into small pieces and put it into the jewelry packaging box. After a while, the smell can be removed.


Method five:
Remove the odor with tea leaves. Put the tea in a small cloth bag, then sew it, put it into the jewelry packaging box, and remove the smell the next day.


The above five methods can easily remove the smell of the jewelry packaging box. Is it very useful? If you have a good method, please feel free to communicate with us.