How to start a custom jewelry packaging box?

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  • August 25, 2022

Jewelry packaging box, as the most critical packaging for jewelry, has always been valued. A good-looking jewelry packaging box can play an even more powerful role, bringing out the high-end and preciousness of jewelry. Therefore, custom jewelry packaging boxes are the focus of major jewelry brands. Only by grasping the details can we make amazing jewelry boxes. When customizing a jewelry box, we need to understand the product requirements, customer needs, and the point of sale of the product. Only through comprehensive design can the value of the jewelry box be maximized.


How to start a custom jewelry packaging box?


1. Product demand for jewelry packaging boxes

Different products have different requirements for packaging boxes. Before customizing high-end packaging boxes, we need to know what kind of packaging type the product needs. For relatively cheap jewelry, the material used in the jewelry box can be paper, plastic, etc. Although the material is relatively common, it can still design a beautiful appearance and better protect the jewelry from damage. If it is precious jewelry, you can use the inner plastic box and outer paper, or the inner plastic box outer flannel, or a wooden jewelry box, etc., to give people a high-end atmosphere. Precious jewelry needs to be protected more, so consider whether the jewelry box can better protect the jewelry from damage in terms of transportation.


2. Customer demand for jewelry boxes

The custom jewelry box is ultimately to serve the buyer, and the customer's needs should also be met when customizing the jewelry box. Before designing the packaging box, we need to understand the target customer group of your product, and then create the packaging according to the target customer's preferences. For example children, generally prefer packaging with bright colors or printed cartoon images; men, prefer images or structures of technology and science fiction.



3. Sales methods of jewelry brands

Which platform is the product mainly sold on? Online or offline? For products sold online, we need to pay special attention to the protection of the packaging box. For products sold offline, it is necessary to attract the attention of customers through exquisite and beautiful packaging boxes. Secondly, jewelry store staff is limited, and many customers check the product information in the high-end jewelry box when making a purchase, and then make a purchase according to their needs. Therefore, when customizing offline jewelry packaging boxes, special attention should be paid to the appearance of the packaging boxes and the way information is displayed.


When customizing a jewelry box, we can start with the product, what customers want, and how it's sold. Because only by being more targeted can the value of high-end jewelry packaging boxes be maximized.

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