How to reduce the cost of custom high-end jewelry box?

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  • March 05, 2022

When it comes to jewelry packaging, first impressions are important. Therefore, your precious jewelry packaging must show the best side to your customers. Maybe you also attach great importance to high-end jewelry boxes and enhance your brand influence through it, but the price of customized high-end jewelry boxes must also be controlled within an acceptable range. Here are a few tips that will allow you to customize high-quality packaging at a reasonable price.


1. Set a budget
Before looking for a professional jewelry packaging box manufacturer, we can set a budget first. Knowing exactly how much you're willing to spend to customize a box can save you energy and time by avoiding many customization options that don't fit your needs or budget. Secondly, only when a jewelry packaging box supplier understands your budget, they can recommend suitable packaging materials and craftsmanship for you.


How to reduce the cost of custom high-end jewelry box?


2. Find a professional jewelry box supplier
Not all factories that produce packaging are the same. There are many types of jewelry packaging, some companies are good at paper packaging, some are good at plastic packaging and some are good at flexible packaging, and so on. You need to choose a factory that is good at producing your jewelry boxes for customization, which can not only provide you with the most suitable packaging solution but also reduce the error rate when customizing high-end jewelry boxes.


3. Proofing first and then mass production
Require proofs, not physical models, before signing a contract with the box manufacturer. At the same time, it should be stated in the contract that the bulk jewelry packaging box should be consistent with the sample. This can better control the final quality of the jewelry packaging box.


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4. Mass customization
For many small orders, many brands choose to use digital printing. Because digital printing is very friendly to small batch orders, it can be printed from one sheet without plate making. However, the effect of digital printing is far from that of ordinary commercial printing. However, if you choose ordinary commercial printing for small batch orders, the cost is also relatively high. Therefore, mass customization is one of the best ways to control costs and meet packaging expectations.


Customizing high-end jewelry boxes is not as simple as we think. The above opinions only represent our own. There may be other aspects that need to be paid attention to. We can exchange and learn more in the future.



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