How to keep your jewelry packaging box intact?

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  • April 28, 2022

Jewelry packaging boxes are usually made of plastic or cardboard, which are very hard materials and can withstand a certain amount of pressure or impact. Therefore, under normal use, the jewelry box can remain intact. But things are often full of surprises and many uncertainties, which lead to damage to your jewelry box. What should you do? Especially during transportation, you need to be very careful. Do you know what caused your jewelry packaging box to be damaged?


How to keep your jewelry packaging box intact?



1. Wrong choice of materials

If you choose a plastic jewelry box or a cardboard jewelry box, you usually don't have to worry about being damaged. But if you choose a relatively thin paper jewelry box, during the transportation process, the jewelry box will be squeezed by inertia, which will easily cause deformation.



2. The size of the jewelry packaging box is wrong

Jewelry packaging boxes are not as big as possible. The larger the box, the larger the contact area and the greater the force. If the inside of the box is relatively empty, the external pressure can easily cause the box to deform. Jewelry packaging boxes bear the static load for a long time when they are stacked and are subjected to shocks, vibrations, and bumps during transportation, which thins the wall thickness of the carton and increases a part of the height. So, a smaller or appropriately sized jewelry box is easier to keep from being damaged.


How to keep your jewelry packaging box intact?



3. The bonding strength of the jewelry packaging box is not enough

The bond strength of jewelry packaging is mainly related to the paper grade, adhesive, manufacturing equipment, and process operations. If these are not handled properly, the bond strength of the jewelry box will decrease, which can lead to damage. To judge whether the bonding of the jewelry box is good, just tear the bonding surface by hand. If it is found that the surface of the base paper is peeled off, it means that the paper is well bonded; the white powder means false adhesion, which will lead to the low compressive strength of the box and affect the strength of the entire box.


Of course, after you avoid the above problems, you still need to pay attention to many details, such as don't put too heavy items on the jewelry box, and don't put the jewelry box in a humid environment.

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