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How to choose quality jewellery box, jewelry box which is better?

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  • Jimmy at
  • June 19, 2018

A fine quality jewellery box not only enables Amy's baby to find a beautiful home, but also a feminine aesthetic taste. It is also a great choice for urban women to carry jewelry and embellish life. Then, how to choose one? Quality jewellery box.

According to fabric purchase
quality jewellery box
It is believed that every lady likes to wear bright clothes, the quality jewellery box's fabric is like the jewelry box's clothes, and the common jewelry box fabric is PU fabric, but most of the quality jewellery box's fabrics are high-quality PU fabrics. The texture is clear, rich texture, delicate luster, but also waterproof and antifouling, can guarantee years of not fade, and most of the poor quality jewelry boxes use inferior PU leather surface, prone to cracking phenomenon, easy to aging leather, fabric life is short;

How to choose quality jewellery box, jewelry box which is better

According to internal workmanship
quality jewellery box
Quality jewellery box's internal workmanship should be fine, and only fine internal workmanship can better preserve everyone's baby jewelry, quality jewellery box mostly uses high-quality flocking fabrics, feels very good, can maximally care for you The baby, while the interior of the inferior jewelry box is mostly rough in workmanship and poor in materials, making the jewelry prone to oxidation, etc., making the jewelry prone to wear out, losing the original luster and bright, so when everyone buys a jewelry box, quality jewellery The internal workmanship of the box must also be carefully scrutinized. Do not be greedy for a cheap moment. we are firmly believes in the principle of a penny and a goods. He buys a jewelry box with a long service life, strong and exquisite workmanship. I believe it is inferior to those used. A short life jewelry box is more practical and more cost-effective.