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The packaging industry should take the sustainable development of environmentally friendly packaging

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  • April 18, 2018

At present, plastic packaging has a growing share in packaging professional, packing the crafty also increased year by year, in return for making did a lot of coerce, environmental protection and environmental friendly packaging has become more and more important, therefore, should be vigorously open environmentally friendly packaging, pays special attention to the packing the crafty processed and resources back to work, to complete the requirements of sustainable development.

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As the plastic packaging in the packaging industry occupies the proportion of more and more big, more and more is also high to its request, environment friendly is one of the requirements, plastic packaging materials enterprises can do in the following several aspects to reference for further improvement and progress:

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Innovation and development of new plastic materials and new processing skills, make the more versatile plastic packaging materials, and use the new information high function, complete packaging data reduction.

Push plastic blending skills, plastic additives and application of new progress and developed, and the guarantee in the plastic packing materials under the premise of non-toxic, health, environmental protection, use low capital skills make plastic packaging materials function improvement, for the reduction of supply.

Progress and improve the plastic back using processing skills, making plastic packing data recover the use rate of progress, substantially improve and remove the danger of plastic packaging materials cause the white pollution and improvement of resource using rate; Bio-based plastics, effectively regulate biological degradation time and cycle, the biological plastic packaging material function into full play, reduction and elimination of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment pollution and influence. Through independent research and technical innovation, falling capital plastic packaging of new materials, new skills, to avoid capital is too high, many agree with environmentally friendly packaging plastic materials can't widespread use question; To develop advanced packaging skill means such as intelligent, using part of the plastic packaging materials has the characteristic such as edible, water-soluble, cut the number of packaging the crafty, progress of plastic packaging security environmental protection function.

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At present, the market of plastic packaging in the packaging as a share of gross industrial output value has surpassed 30%, become a vital force in the packaging industry, in food, beverages, daily necessities and industrial and agricultural yield fields play an irreplaceable effect. There are three major trends in the future of plastic packaging: plastic packaging will go green, and plastic packaging will attract wide public attention. Strengthen the scientific management and application of plastic packaging, maximum limit to recover the use of discarded plastic, and gradually development, the use of degradable plastics, biodegradable plastics get larger, vigorously development, the use of biodegradable plastic is urgent.

Plastic packaging will be towards lightweight, reduce packaging component, lightweight refers to the data from packaging, with less to lose weight, packing for environment and the enterprise is profitable, in general, plastic bottles, plastic jar, plastic hose and plastic cover type container easier to complete the principle of weight loss.