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Do you know the bronzing craft of stylish jewelry box?

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  • June 14, 2018

Stylish jewelry box production coating workshop corner: coating, generally coated type, color layer, adhesive.

        Stylish jewelry box coating: The production of hot stamping paper, first of all is the coating release, that is, the separation of the coating and the film, abbreviated as release, the type of release determines the area of hot stamping, the type of release determines the speed of hot stamping, release type Determine the brightness of hot stamping paper, the type of wear determines the surface wear resistance, while the type of release and follow-up treatment process, such as hot after printing.

stylish jewelry box

      After the stylish jewelry box is coated, the color layer is determined, the color layer determines the different colors, and the goodness and poorness of the toner determine the stability and quality of the product in terms of color. The toner is not used well, and the difference between each batch is large. some.
     The last coat of the stylish jewelry box is a coating layer. The glue layer determines the applicable substrate. Different substrates use different glues, such as hot stamping and hot stamping.
stylish jewelry box
       Stylish jewelry box laser molding: the metal pattern on the nickel version of the mold by the press at high temperature and pressure transfer process, referred to as molding, is now generally there are two kinds of seams and seamless, there is a seam for pressure, seamless Pressing twice, seamlessly squeezes the stitching joints out of each other twice. The speed of the molding determines the brightness of the product. The number of times the mold plate is used determines the cleanliness of the surface of the gold foil paper.