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Why do jewelry be combined with custom jewelry packaging boxes?

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  • July 31, 2018

“Jewelry” is a custom jewelry packaging boxes that are created by the first batch of women who have the spirit of freedom in the early 20th century, allowing them to wear makeup, smoke, and watch time when they go out. The ingenious design of drawers and mechanical organs is hidden inside the cymbal, providing practical functions as the times change. For example, in 1925, Paris manufacturer Strauss, Allard & Meyer created a custom jewelry packaging boxes that mimics the way the envelope is opened. The lid is opened to see the mirror and the powder box, and the side edge is the hidden drawer with lipstick. There are also a number of jewellery merchants who combine jewellery with jewellery from custom jewelry packaging boxes.

971 拷贝
Early custom jewelry packaging boxes often used large pieces of semi-precious stones to make the body, with fine inlays, collages and metalwork. In the exhibition, you can see the box carved from a complete agate, lapis lazuli, and Dongling jade, and the lid made of carved jade, highlighting the natural color and texture of the gem. The craftsmanship treasures have more colorful colors, displaying rich scenes such as character scenes, natural plants, decorative patterns, etc. The lids are small and delicate, with small diamonds.
986 拷贝

The rise of decorative arts, the influence of oriental culture on European design is also naturally reflected, such as the threshold from China, Persian style and so on. A Chrysanthemum jewel made in 1928 is designed with the chrysanthemum of the Japanese royal family. The chrysanthemum petals on the lid are made of curved rubies, amethysts and sapphires, and the slanted branches are made of onyx and emeralds. Inlaid, revealing vitality. So don't look at the custom jewelry packaging boxes, people are noble and can't afford to climb.

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