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Some interesting stories about luxury jewelry box packaging

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  • Jimmy at
  • June 09, 2018

From ancient times to the present, the protagonist and the supporting role have all been particularly well-separated. The ancient “buy and return the bead” joke means that the protagonist can't tell the protagonist. When he bought the pearl, he left the pearl box and returned the pearl to the seller. The supporting role of the TV and movie stars continues to compete. This is also the case in luxury jewelry box packaging and jewelry. Therefore, we only pay attention to the protagonist, and supporting actors are willing to be green leaves.

luxury jewelry box packaging

Then in jewelry, jewelry is the protagonist, jewelry box packaging has become a supporting role, but some luxury jewelry box packaging, even if it is supporting the kind of icing on the cake.

Tiffany blue box

Audrey Hepburn had 40 heavily armed guards while shooting "Tiffany's Breakfast" to prevent Tiffany's little blue box from being stolen. Why is it so important? How does this box become the most recognizable Fashion Icon in the retail sector?

This little blue luxury jewelry box packaging you can not buy alone, because the founder of Tiffany personally set a rule, the gift box can not be sold separately. Just as the New York Sun in 1906 described it: "Tiffany has a product that can't be bought no matter how much it costs, because it's only for sale. That's the Tiffany Gift Box."

luxury jewelry box packaging

Luxury jewelry box packaging - Tiffany blue, this magic blue from the United States a robin egg color, Robin's egg blue. In Western legends, the robin is a symbol of romance and happiness, representing a lover who has become a family member. But this is by no means accidental, because this pink blue is the color of the turquoise gems that Victorian brides at that time liked most.

Cartier Red Box

There is perhaps only Cartier Cartier's red box that can compete with Tiffany's blue luxury jewelry box packaging. Cartier's Red Box is a masterpiece designed since the brand was founded.

As a royal jeweler of the European royal family, Cartier not only reflects the temperament of the royal family from the jewelry, but also reveals the rich court aristocracy. The deep red Cartier jewelry box is made of Moroccan leather. The box's surface is lined with gold lace, and the interior is lined with black velvet or white silk. Its luxurious elegance is self-evident.