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Design jewelry box What should you pay attention to?

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  • July 27, 2018

What should you pay attention to when you want to figure out the design jewelry box? First, you need to understand the role and requirements of the design jewelry box.
The role of packaging

1. Protecting goods: The most basic and most important functions of packaging, such as jewelry boxes and bags.

2, promote sales: As consumers become more rational, beautiful packaging will be easier to win customer attention and trust

3, increase profits: exquisite packaging invisible can raise the value of products, improve profit margins

4. Advertising: The printed matter on the packaging invisibly promotes the brand and products.

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Design jewelry box requirements

1. The packaging should be commensurate with the value of the goods, and the value of the goods cannot be concealed.

2, the packaging should be able to show the characteristics or style of the product, the unique packaging can become the business card of the enterprise;

3, packaging also needs to consider the convenience of use, storage, and carrying

4, the advertising text on the design jewelry box should be able to stimulate the customer's psychology, highlight the key points

Back to the point, jewelry as a high-end consumer goods, often given gifts or collections, so the role of jewelry packaging is more important. For jewellery packaging, it is the basic purpose of the product to be able to express the elegance, elegance and artistry of the goods. In addition, the following points should be noted:

1, design jewelry box should have characteristics:
For example, the same diamond ring box, some companies have ingenuity, design jewelry box to represent the company's mascot, both beautiful and diverse, but also highlight the company's image, and these jewelry boxes together with jewelry sales to highlight the product features

2, design jewelry box materials should be studied, workmanship should be fine:
As a jewelry package, it should be soft, durable and firm, and choose the appropriate packaging materials according to the design. Different grades of gems need to use different materials, the style of the box should match the style of the jewelry bag, and the workmanship should be fine.

3, the design jewelry box style should be changed:
People's consumption concepts are constantly changing, and packaging cannot be static, in line with changes in consumer demand.

4, design jewelry box is best to use a multi-purpose:

A beautifully designed package, in addition to being used as a product package, can also be used to decorate a window or display, or even other uses.

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